US Government: Placing a ban on retired government employees - Dissertation Example

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Foreign governments and foreign corporations should not in any way be permitted to lobby members of the house as they would be more concerned in making them institutionalize public policies that would benefit their countries and their corporations…
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US Government: Placing a ban on retired government employees
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US Government Foreign governments and foreign corporations should not in any way be permitted to lobby members of the house as they would be more concerned in making them institutionalize public policies that would benefit their countries and their corporations. The fact that these foreign governments and foreign corporations are governmental and business organizations means that they would be more interested in lobbying for the institutionalization of policies that would benefit their businesses in the case of the foreign corporations and their individual governments in the case of foreign governments. Thus, the permission to lobby members of the house should be solely given to the interest groups rather than granting this privilege to the foreign governments and the foreign corporations (Schmidt et al., 2009). Placing a ban on retired government employees would be unfair to the former employees especially in cases where these former employees have no other means of livelihood after their retirement. The problems that some of these retired employees face are that they did not save enough money during their course of work with the government that retired them and they would want to look for other jobs they could do to boost their finances. Hence, placing a ban on hiring these retired government employees would only render them impecunious and helpless. The government employees should be retired as at when due, but they should still be allowed to work for other organizations that may likely need their services after their retirement with the government. Hence, organizations should be allowed to gainfully employ the retired employees as long as they need their services instead of institutionalizing labor laws that puts restriction on the hiring of retired government employees (Schmidt et al., 2009). There are some factors that explain the reason that ex-lawmakers become lobbyists and some of them shall be highlighted and explained in this paragraph. The fact that ex-lawmakers were once in the house passing laws and were faced with certain interest groups lobbying for their support in order to help them institutionalize certain public policies mean that these ex-lawmakers know the rudiments of lobbying well enough to make them lobbyists after they leave the house. Therefore, one of the factors that explain the reason that ex-lawmakers become lobbyists is that they know the basics of lobbying well enough. Another factor that explains the reason that ex-lawmakers become lobbyists is that they would want the other lawmakers to institutionalize policies that would benefit them after they have left the job of lawmaking. The ex-lawmakers would also want to make the lawmakers institutionalize policies that would benefit the regions they represented even after leaving the house. Thus, the ex-lawmakers would still be involved in the lawmaking process even after leaving the house as they would also play a part in making public policies through their new job as lobbyists (Schmidt et al., 2009). It would actually be a very good idea to have other political parties funded by the government. The government is usually in the habit of funding the party through which they used their platform to get elected into public office and this has actually not provided a level playing ground for other parties. Government should make it a point of duty to fund other governments and the amount of money they receive should be equal to the amount they give to the ruling party. In this case, other parties would also be financially capable to stage political rallies that would help the people know their programs. This would have an effect on the voting process and the outcome of the elections as candidates of different political parties would have the finances they need to plan the strategies that would make the turnout of the election be in their favor. Thus, it would be a very good idea to have more than one party funded by the government (Schmidt et al., 2009). Reference Schmidt, S.W., Shelley, M.C., Bardes, B.A., Maxwell, W., & Crain, E. (2009). American Government & Politics Today. Central Texas College 2009-2010 Edition. New York: Cengage Learning. Read More
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