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Global War on Terrorism - Assignment Example

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This paper explores the war on terrorism, a campaign launched against Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations with the objective of defeating them. It is led by the United States and the United Kingdom with the support of other NATO and non-NATO countries…
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Global War on Terrorism
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Download file to see previous pages The author of the paper states that the war on terrorism officially started after the 9/11 attacks on the US soil although earlier attacks on US embassies in Kenya, Tanzania and the attempted bombing of the Los Angeles international airport were alarming. The then president, George Bush took the initiative and claimed to fight the war on terrorism on behalf of the whole world. Following the invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and then targetting Iraq in 2003, NATO forces have been involved in all operations as the attacks of 9/11 were considered an attack on all the 19 member countries of NATO. A very active participant of this war has been Pakistan which has been supporting the US on the matter and fighting against terrorists by allowing US forces along with their own army to carry operations in parts of Waziristan(northern Pakistani territory). Due to this war countries have the highest budget allocated to defense. This is all the taxpayer money we are talking about, which is you, me and us. Do we want to allocate our resources on just fighting terrorists in a war which never seems to end? Do we want to see innocent people being killed like in the case of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan? Do we want this amount of destruction, chaos, and insecurity? Of course, the answer to all of those questions would be no. I refuse to agree with the idea of the global war on terrorism. This war has been a total failure increasing the number of killings, the use of weaponry globally and the doubt in the minds of people if they are being ruled by cruel, self-centered and power hungry leaders.W hat seems to be the idea of the general masses is that the war on terrorism is being used to achieve Uthe S driven goals as it keeps on attacking and killing more and more without eliminating the Taliban forces.T his war has been so much hyped about by the media that it has become part of the headlines of every news channel in the world. The US has gone so far to fight the war that it has created a torture facility in Cuba with the name of 'Guantanamo Bay' which initially held the prisoners of war from Afghanistan and Iraq. Prisoners are subject to the highest degree of torture from physical remand like electric shocks to psychological abuse, including religious insults such as the Quran being kicked on the ground.M ost of the prisoners kept in this place have been proven innocent but their lives shackled. The war shows the US interest in the oil-rich countries to obtain unhindered sources of oil.T his war is the war being fought by Uthe S alone without the support of the UN, which is the council representing the whole world. If UN does not support the global war on terrorism it is unfair and unjustified for this war to continue as it keeps on creating more and more problems for the whole world(Balken,2005).T the number of bombings and the technology being used by the terrorists is rising sharply,showing signs that this is a never-ending war which will just keep on causing harm to the environment, the psyche of the people, the insecurity among countries(international relations) and causing unwanted bloodshed and violence(Hancock,2008). The resources of the whole world are being heavily used in a cat and mouse race with a heavy cost of living. Increased expenditures for the global war may come at the expense of consumption expenditures, the classic guns-butter trade-off. These expenditures could come at the expense of outlays for investment, including business fixed investment, residential construction, infrastructure, public and private expenditures on health and education, the primary human capital categories, and research and development(Goldsmith,2007).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Global War on Terrorism Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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