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Researching politics and international relations - Essay Example

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To understand the scientific rigor regarding researching, one must focus on the types and the different methods of research. There are numerous methods of research. However, we narrow our researching methods down to two ways; the Qualitative and the Quantitative method. …
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Researching politics and international relations
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Download file to see previous pages To understand the scientific rigor regarding researching, one must focus on the types and the different methods of research. There are numerous methods of research. However, we narrow our researching methods down to two ways; the Qualitative and the Quantitative method. There are numerous methods of research. However, we narrow our researching methods down to two ways; the Qualitative and the Quantitative method. Each is a scientific method much used and approved, by researchers. Before reverting to our topic, it is better to have an extensive overview of the scientific method, quantitative and qualitative methods(Brady&Collier,2004). The research process itself is extremely complex with several variables staying in effect at one time. It is important for the researcher to ensure that the focus remains on the subject that is being researched. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are as different as day and night. Scientists use them to test casual theories. Qualitative mainly focuses on how and where. It pertains to the quality of the data, e.g. the quality of a sample , is it randomly taken or is it specific(King ,Keohan ,Verba,1994). However, quantitative method includes all the finer mounts and pertains to the quantity of the data, e.g. a sample of a large population maybe a small sample or a large one. The sample size typically depends upon the objective of the research and what the researcher is basically aiming to identify. Quantitative Method: Generally speaking, scientists use this method for statistical analysis.It is defined as a method of research which focuses on numbers. Nowadays, all types of quantitative methods are required in almost every discipline of social science. This is because they help quantify different aspects of the research along with different phenomenon linked to the variables of the research. Generally, after the experiments are held, researchers use statistics to determine the result of their experiments. Statistical analysis is done by taking out a sample from the experiment and is used to determine the approval or disapproval of the entire group. Quantitative research is based on statistical analysis and can be easily replenished. This method is preferred because of its accuracy in social sciences. The fact is the quantitative researches helps quantify the different questions that the researcher has posed for the purpose of the research. There is no aspect of subjectivity involved here, whereas qualitative research can at times be limited because it is more opinion based than anything else and cannot be generalized easily. Quantitative research is done when subjective formulation of theories has been done in the field of study. The quantitative method of data collection is highly systematized and efficient. The major component of quantitative research is how vague concepts of quantity are measured so that statistical tests can be run on their differences between groups(Manion&Morrison,2000). The quantitative data collected is analyzed via statistical databases.If the results of the experiments on the data are significant then it is used to propose a valid hypothesis. Quantitative research of any sample of collected data is systematized and rigorous, which is easier to duplicate and resurrect. The main criticism this method holds is that focuses on one point of the data. Qualitative Method: Miles and Huberman defined Qualitative method as the method that uses words instead of numbers( Miles&Huberman,1994). It is considered “soft” in regard with quantitative methods of research. Within the vast framework of qualitative research there are numerous methods to compile data and results. Qualitative research is very important in the fields of psychology and anthropology because this method probes in deeper into the data to dig out results, which often cannot be analyzed as thoroughly due to other systematic errors.When data based on quantity comes up, we use traditional quantitative methodology. However, when researchers are up against data ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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