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Path of Light - Essay Example

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Light travels in a straight line and is very distinctive in terms of the direction and the effect of different reflective surfaces on the path of light. There are different angles that light is subtended and depending on the surface the image formed as a result of reflected…
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Path of Light
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"Path of Light"

Download file to see previous pages Depending on the surface and the position of the reflective surfaces images can be inverted and in other cases depending on the arrangement of the surfaces form many images. The structure and path that the light follows is therefore dependent on the surface and the origin of the light at the source. The reflective surfaces differ from curved surfaces to mirrors that reflect the light and form an inverted image (Keller et al 29). In addition, if the image is reflected across two mirrors there is formation of many similar images that are formed through reflection. Curved surfaces on the other hand form images depending on whether the surface is concave or convex with each surface forming its own unique form of image (Kokhanovsky 107). This is as a result of the path that the light takes once it hits the curved surface and the eventual image that is illustrated on a screen. Similarly there are images that are formed from shiny surfaces that are brighter and more reflective while the darker images form unique and distinct images depending on whether the surface can let any light pass through. The surface is therefore an important part in understanding the path of light since it forms different images depending on the surface.
There are different methods that can be used to make an experiment and establish the path of light and how the light travels from one source to another. One of the experiments uses cardboards that are placed in a straight line with holes on the same point. The cards are used to show that when one illuminates light at one end the light is seen at the other end when the cards are arranged in a straight line. However, if one of the cards is located on a different position or the hole on the cards are not in congruence then there is no image formed at the other end. The light does not move to the other cards since it does not travel in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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