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Particle yield ratios in HIC from the quark recombination model - Essay Example

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This section provides a discussion of the standard model and the way the standard model is able to beautifully describe and predict the interactions among the elementary forces of weak and strong forces together with magnetism, on the one hand, and the most elementary particles…
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Particle yield ratios in HIC from the quark recombination model
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"Particle yield ratios in HIC from the quark recombination model"

Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, more problems remain with regard to the inconsistencies in empirical findings about the behavior of these elementary particles and forces versus the strict predictions of behavior from the Standard Model, leading to the need for further research and experiments that make use of more powerful detectors and accelerators in high energy physics contexts. This is to aid in furthering the understanding of the fundamental forces and particles in the universe, and to aid in the crafting of more accurate theories about the nature of reality. Recent and planned work in high energy physics reflect this need to validate the predictions of the Standard Model and to work out the inconsistencies between the model and the behavior of particles and forces in the real world. Planned future work on the LHC revolves around making use of the progress in discovering the Higgs boson in order to understand how the Higgs boson conveys its power to matter, and the way the Higgs boson, among other things, interact with known particles and forces, as well as with new and unknown particles such as dark matter (Shears, 2012; . Aad et al., 2013).
The Standard Model is the name given to a physics theory that aims to provide a description of fundamental forces and fundamental particles in nature. The value of the standard model is in its predictive power when it comes to experimentations in particle physics. The challenges tied to the Standard Model on the other hand relate to the absence of outcomes in experiments that would totally verify the theory. Until the Higgs Boson can be completely verified empirically for instance, there remain large holes in the theory that need to be validated, as the Higgs Boson is one of the most fundamental aspects of the Standard Model (Shears, 2012). The experiments at the Large Hadron Collider or LHC has confirmed the existence of a particle ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Particle Yield Ratios in HIC from the Quark Recombination Model Essay)
Particle Yield Ratios in HIC from the Quark Recombination Model Essay.
“Particle Yield Ratios in HIC from the Quark Recombination Model Essay”, n.d.
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