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The Emergence of Modern Science - Essay Example

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Whereas myths and unexplained theories dominated pre-scientific world, modern science is informed by science of thinking. As argued by David Deutsch, the key to science is actually the ability to provide ‘hard to vary explanations.’ It is therefore important that scholars…
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The Emergence of Modern Science
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"The Emergence of Modern Science"

Download file to see previous pages Whereas it is healthy to ask critical questions, scientific proof, and evidence, accepting the scientific reality is a necessity. For instance, whereas our ancestors gladly accepted polio vaccine and eradicated polio, it is overwhelmingly difficult for present generation to accept genetically modified foods as a solution to rising food crisis. As argued by Michael Specter, healthy skepticism calls for asking the right questions, at the right time, to the right people. Pinpointing a problem is also a prerequisite to healthy skepticism.
3. A healthy skepticism requires an understanding between correlation and causation. Learning widely and gaining all round knowledge provides a basis for unbiased skepticism. Additionally, critical review of previous fundamental scientific theories makes it possible to question scientific knowledge based on scientific questions and scientific assumptions.
4. Articulate use of brains is one of the key to success in education. Understanding the unlimited relations between brain hemispheres is overwhelming. However, understanding that such relations exist makes it possible to prepare psychologically to expect, accept, interpret, and analyze wide array of knowledge. I hope to learn more about how brain hemispheres work in preparation for optimal use of brain resources.
5. Whereas it has been argued that schools kill creativity, I believe creativity starts with oneself and can be nurtured with time. Going beyond classwork and course books for search of knowledge is a prerequisite for creativity. Working in tandem with lecturers and like minded students will go a long way into cultivation creativity in my journey through UHD.
6. The first cartoon is funny because it depict a scientist in denial of scientific evidence. Whereas many scientists are looking hard for evidence to support theoretical predictions, it is funny that a scientist would disregard archaeological evidence of evolution in first the first ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“The Emergence of Modern Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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