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Organisms from the Treasures of BC Coast - Coursework Example

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In the paper “Organisms from the Treasures of BC Coast” the author examines the rockfish, which resembles the size of a mature or grown salmon fish. Provided that the observation area was red in color, it shows that there is a possibility of rockfish having camouflage as a survival feature…
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Organisms from the Treasures of BC Coast
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Download file to see previous pages The movement of the rockfish points to the fact that it consumes living organisms. This is based on sudden speed bursts followed with moving jaws. Additionally, unlike other types of fish that seem to swim near the surface of the water, rockfish thrives near the bottom and among the rocks. This can be interpreted as a security measure to hide from larger predators (Vancouver Aquarium, n.p).
The adapting features of the rockfish according to its build and body structure include the mouth and the gills that help the fish to breathe at very deep ends of a water body. The mouth allows water through while the gills arrest the very least of oxygen available within the water. This points to the enlarged gills and ever open mouth.
The British Columbia Corals are branch-like sea organisms that survive by manufacturing their own food with the aid of light. The natural source of light, in this case, is the sun whose rays are converted to potential energy to enable the plant to survive within the water (Vancouver Aquarium, n.p).
The adaptation of the corals comprises the numerous branches that enlarge the surface area to absorb as much light as possible. From appearance, it looks like the number of branches determines its stability based on the total consumption of light. If the branches were fewer, most of the light rays would be hitting the surface of the water body rather than the organism. Hence, the abundance of the branches shows that the plant requires as much light as possible to survive the low temperature of sea/waterbody bottom.
The red anemone has a confusing look and behavior. The organism appears like multiple cylinders filled with filaments like those of a flower. These filament-like ribbons strike from the cylinders and protrude outside.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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