Laboratory of an experiment on Optical Fibre Transmission - Lab Report Example

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It also provides details of the fundamental elements of a general communication system of optical fibre, using the technology of logic gates and…
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Laboratory Report of an experiment on Optical Fibre Transmission
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"Laboratory of an experiment on Optical Fibre Transmission"

Download file to see previous pages Optical fibre is popular as a global means of telecommunication. The study of the signal generation and wavelength regulation in fibre optic systems is vital in the design and improvement of systems by optimizing the configuration properties.
Fibre Optic communication system uses the physical principle of light reflection. As light travels through various media, depending on the density of the medium, the light goes through total internal reflection. This takes place when light is propagated inside a transmission medium with a greater optical density than that of the medium outside. This property depends on the difference of the speed of light inside various mediums. The ratio of the speeds between the mediums and the speed of light in a vacuum is referred to as the refractive index of that specific material or the medium.
In this model, N1 is the refractive index of material 1 and N2 is the refractive index of material 2 which the light passes through. Angle θ1 represents the angle of incident while θ2 represents the angle of refraction in the boundary between the two light transmitting materials. When light moves from a medium with a higher refractive index than that of a lower refractive index, the angle of refraction can be shown to be 90º at critical angle θc. This is represented in the model below.
Above the incident angle, in the boundary between the materials of higher refractive index and that of low refractive index, there is a total internal reflection of the light. Therefore, the fibre is made as thin as possible to maximize the size of the incident angle and ensure that it is always higher than the critical angle.
Even though it is possible to direct the inside an optical fibre, it is vital to decide on the way the input signal ought to be reduced on the basis of its frequency of that signal. This is a safe way of transmission in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Laboratory Report of an Experiment on Optical Fibre Transmission Lab.
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