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Physics Lab - Essay Example

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Similarities are obviously found when comparing linear motion to rotational motion.
This observation is true and can be explained by the…
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Physics Lab
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"Physics Lab"

Download file to see previous pages On all the three situations that is, holding hands by my side, stretching my hands and holding masses on my hands while rotating, the law applies since no external force is applied. Addition of masses increase the torque under the formula L= Iw where I is a function of mass.
A disk shape produces a low momentum of inertia since it has no hollow space (fully occupied mass towards the center of rotation). According to the equation, and disk process low inertia under free fall than ring given a constant kinetic energy.
As the stool is at rest, angular momentum of the spinning wheel is not conserved since there is an external gravitational force applied due to the weight of the wheel. The wheel comes to rest again. On rotating the stool the angular momentum is conserved since the rotating stool counteracts the weight of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Physics Lab Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1)
Physics Lab Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
“Physics Lab Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1”, n.d.
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...Physics Introduction This paper seeks to answer a number of questions relating to physics.The areas covered include amount of wasted heat, average temperature of exhaust gas, design, amount of energy generated, and finally and estimation of the installation and maintenance costs, size, and weight of your design. 1. Estimate the amount of heat wasted on each mile from a typical car (30 MPG) Heat from any automobile is produced by burning of oxygen. The gas that is produced is carbon dioxide that is usually a product of combustion. Although there are other by-products of combustion, the main by-product is carbon dioxide (CO2). The heat that is produced will be calculated from the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced....
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...? Physics Phy 1 The Law of Momentum Conservation s that without any external forces acting on a system, the moment of the system would not change (Serway & Jewett, 2009). But moving objects encounter opposing external forces and lose momentum to zero thus stopping. 2. When jumping from a tree to the ground, the person moves at constant acceleration hence constant force. On hitting the ground, the person experiences an opposing force from the ground causing the body to lose momentum within a short time interval, hence need for more force leading to pain. 3. The balloon would initially be at rest with zero momentum. On release, the gases initially inflated move in one direction and the balloon would move in the opposite...
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...Physics 300 Lab report: Archimedes Principle Archimedes Principle, which s that the amount of buoyant force on a body immersed in a fluid is the same as the weight of the fluid displaced by the object, was applied in the determination of the density of rocks. Buoyancy is responsible for the apparent weight loss experienced by objects when immersed in fluids other than air. This experiment was carried with the aid of a spring balance, which was used to weigh the rock samples. The experiment involved the weighing of rock samples in air and then when submerged in water. Water was chosen for this experiment because it has a peculiar property in that 1 gram of water occupies a volume of 1 cm3. This property...
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...Physics (PART A) Question A particle moves with uniform speed v = 2.0 m s along a circular path of radius 5.0 m. Figure shows two points A and B on the circle. The angle subtended by the arc AB at the centre O is π/3 radians. Also shown are the velocity vectors of the particle, vA and vB, when it passes through A and B, respectively. (a) Determine the length of arc from A to B and the time Δt taken for the particle to travel along this arc. (2 marks) length of arc (S) = r · θ = 5.0 * (π / 3) = 5π/3 m. ≈ 5.24 m. (b) Make a similar sketch and draw in the vector representing the change of velocity Δv = vB – vA. Use trigonometry to obtain the magnitude |Δv|. (Some useful construction lines are shown dashed in...
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... Physics Lab A Summary Sheet Objective The aim of this experiment was to ascertain how period of two Simple Harmonic oscillators (pendulum and spring mass system) differ with diverse parameters. Method This entailed conducting both pendulum and spring experiments separately to determine their behaviors especially when subjected to diverse parameters. These parameters included varied lengths, angles, and weights both the both the pendulum as well as spring respectively. Results Spring and pendulum varied directly with the parameters applied though slight errors emerged during the experiments. These were due to either slight distortions of the equipments or errors when talking measurements. Applications The application... Table 4: Spring...
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Physics lab
...What is your benefit of this Here are the following points I learned from the concerning Newton’s first and second laws of motion, measuring and static friction and gravity. In Newton’s first law of motion, the basic relationship between change of velocity and interaction is a significant highlight (Chabay & Sherwood, 2011, p.6). This is also known as the law of inertia, stating that an object at rest remains at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force and an object in motion continues in motion having the same speed and direction unless acted on by an unbalanced force. This therefore means that without unbalanced forces, objects have the tendency to do what they are initially doing. We are living in a society where we do... is your...
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...Insert Contents Insert List of tables and figur 2 Introduction 3 Objectives 3 Equipment 3 Background information 3 Damped oscillations 6 Procedure 8 Simple harmonic 8 Damped harmonics 8 Results and analysis 8 Conclusion and recommendation 20 List of tables and figur Figure 1 displacement 3 Figure 2 damping 7 Figure 3Run #1 11 Figure 4 Run #2 13 Figure 5 Run #3 14 Figure 6 Run #4 15 Figure 7 Run #5 16 Figure 8b versus # of magnets 19 Figure 9 Harmonics 20 Table 1 run #1 9 Table 2 Run #2 9 Table 3 Run #3 10 Table 4 Run #4 11 Table 5 Run #5 11 Table 6 b versus # of magnets 19 Introduction Objectives Laboratory activity was designed to be used in the study of oscillations of a glider moving on an air track being held by springs... Contents...
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Physics Lab
... that changes the momentum of the moving ball. In this case, therefore, if the mass of the ball is increased by a small amount, the height to which the pendulum rises before coming to rest increases in the same margin (Wilson, et al. 2006). However, the increment is in perfect harmony with the increment in mass, so that the spring force applied by the spring gun does not change. Works Cited Lerner, Lawrence S. Physics for Scientists and Engineers. Boston: Jones and Bartlett,2006. Wilson, Jerry D, and Cecilia A. H. Hall. Physics Laboratory Experiments. Boston, MA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning, 2009.... Conservation of Linear Momentum Velo before impact and its associated uncertainty V=R/t =2.632/0.415 =6.34m/s δv=v √[(δR/R)2+(δt/t)2] R=2.632 ...
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