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: Investigation of a passenger car's dynamic response due to a flywheel based kinetic energy recovery system - Research Proposal Example

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Flywheel-based kinetic energy recovery system is used in most modern automotive applications to perform defined purposes of recovering moving vehicle’s kinetic energy in cases where the car in question will have its breaks applied [1 & 2]. It would however be appreciated that…
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Research proposal : Investigation of a passenger cars dynamic response due to a flywheel based kinetic energy recovery system
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Extract of sample ": Investigation of a passenger car's dynamic response due to a flywheel based kinetic energy recovery system"

Download file to see previous pages eel-based (KERS) based on several reasons including the commercial use of 24cm diameter flywheel which comes with the weight of 5000g and performs revolution to the tune of 64,500 rpm [4]. This popularity notwithstanding, not much seems to have been covered by way of empirical research on the dynamic response of passenger vehicles when argued with reference to gyroscopic effects of these vehicles [4]. This identified gap forms the basis for the purpose of the proposed study which seeks to investigate the influence of flywheel-based KERS for the dynamic response of an average passenger vehicle.
Many researchers have commented on the factors leading to the growing reliance on KERS, citing the need to guarantee improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions as some of the most crucial advantages that the system offers [22]. This is because the overall functioning of the KERS, particularly the high-speed flywheel is based on the ability to internally utilise energy that would have otherwise gone wasted or unused. For this to be possible, the KERS performs a multiplicity of functions including the recovery, storage and reapplication of vehicle kinetic energy which would have gone waste whiles applying brakes [16]. In recent times, the real concern of most automotive system developers has been to differentiate between KERS platforms that function well for electrical hybrid systems as against mechanical hybrid systems. This is because of the growing penetration levels of these two hybrid systems on the market even though their mechanisms for recovering kinetic energy under braking are different [15]. In this, [10] observed the use of chemical battery or ultracapacitors as the preferred platform for performing the functionalities of KERS in electrical hybrid systems as against the use of flywheel in mechanical hybrid systems.
From the premise developed above, it would be noted that the emphasis of the study shall be on mechanical hybrid systems, where particular ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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