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This experiment investigates, preliminarily, the relationship between force and stretch as a stepping stone in the determination of the relationship between frequency and mass in an effort to determine the dynamic spring constant. As much as there exists a linear relationship…
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Download file to see previous pages this experiment was to determine the key elements of Hooke’s law, which include, among others, the simple harmonic motions, the requirements of these harmonic motions, understanding Hooke’s law in a nutshell, attempting to verify Hooke’s law using a simple spring, to ascertain the relationship between the frequency and the period of a spring, to come up with the spring constant, and to determine the relationship between the mass, period, and force of a spring undergoing harmonic motion among others. The bottom line objective in this case is to be able to make comparisons of the measured periods of the vibration and the ideal ones as stated or calculated in the theory.
Measuring the static behavior of a simple spring in this experiment was aimed at providing a basis of establishing the existing relationship between stretch and force. The spring constant, which is the force that a spring exerts on the object, in the opposite direction, when an object applies a force on the spring is what this experiment aimed at achieving. According to Hooke, the spring constant can be calculated from the expression F=- KX, where F is the force applied on the spring and X the distance this spring would move as a result of the force. In this experiment, a simple experiment involving a mass, a spring, and a meter rule were used to test this phenomenon (Knight, Brian and Stuart 13).
The tables below show the results of the different measurements obtained as a result of adding different masses on a spring, while recording the various stretches that are realized. Concisely, the objective was to determine the influence of the mass on the stretch of the spring and the nature of relationship that exists between these tow variables.
The above results give an impression of a near linear relationship between the mass and the stretch, but the trend changes significantly after a certain mass has been exceeded. From the theoretical point of view, the point where the relationship between ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Springs Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words. https://studentshare.org/physics/1661798-springs.
“Springs Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/physics/1661798-springs.
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