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Describe how a torque wrench relates to automotive physics - Essay Example

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Torque is a function of rotation motion and when it is applied on a wrench, it tends to have an influence on the rotation of an object. This force…
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Describe how a torque wrench relates to automotive physics
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"Describe how a torque wrench relates to automotive physics"

Download file to see previous pages This force is created the same way as the force is applied at a distance in a typical torque wrench.
The horsepower of the vehicle can then be determined from the torque produced. The more torque produced by an engine, the more potential it has and an increase in torque results in an increase in acceleration.
Torque is also very important in the braking system of the automobiles. When the brakes are applied, the road surface exerts a backward force on the wheels and this result in a clockwise torque that causes backward acceleration. In the design of the braking system, torque is a function of the wheel radius and for a full circle braking system,
When a moving car is braked, the surface of the road exerts a backward force that acts on the wheels and this result in a clockwise torque that causes backward acceleration therefore stopping the vehicle. Manufacturers of in the tires industry must design tires that are capable of withstanding this friction without causing tear on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Describe How a Torque Wrench Relates to Automotive Physics Essay.
“Describe How a Torque Wrench Relates to Automotive Physics Essay”, n.d.
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