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Physics (Electron Physics and X-ray Tomography) - Coursework Example

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Photons are created when electron move from inner energy levels to outer energy levels, when an X-ray collides with an electron in the high energy level, the electron is ejected and leaves a vacancy. The atom becomes excites, for it to de-excite, an electron from the outer ring,…
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Physics (Electron Physics and X-ray Tomography)
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"Physics (Electron Physics and X-ray Tomography)"

Download file to see previous pages gher than that of the photon attraction for the jump to take place from K-shell to the L-shell, loosely bound electrons from L moves into the K-shell to replace the ejected electron. When a lot of high incident energy are directed to an atom, many electrons are emitted and forms the x-rays.
Bremsstrahlung is the process of slowing down primary radiatin; X-ray is produced by radiations when electrons are retarded or decelerated2.. The radiation becomes intense and attains higher frequencies with increase in energy of bombarding electrons. The colliding electrons shifts electrons from high-energy shell to low energy shells, the rapid replacement by electrons from outer shells create a clearly defined x-ray. The curve shown below was produced by analysing the nature of radiation produced by bombarding electrons from four distinct energy levels against a tungsten target. The graph is used to relate the intensity of x-rays emitted and the wavelength for accurate x-ray photographing.
The figure above shows X-ray spectrograph when copper is used as the target material, the intensity of the photon have linear relation with the wavelength. The intensity rises to peak then starts to slope downwards; high accelerating voltage causes the peak to rise sharply, as shown by Kp, Kα, LP and Lα.
X-ray tube functions as energy converting system that converts electric energy into x-ray radiation and heat. Heat3 is the undesired product of the process; the conversion takes place in x-ray tube. The components of x-ray tube includes
The higher the amount of current the higher the intensity of x-rays emitted since more of electrons are displaced from the high energy levels. In the case above, 5mA produces much lower intensity of X-rays as compared to 100mA since the rate of electron displacement is high in the first case characterized by the high peak of 100mA current4.
b) Attenuation by photoelectric effect result from interaction between Photons and Matter. Photons are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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