The Big Bang Theory the Beginning of the Universe - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This paper "The Big Bang Theory – the Beginning of the Universe" focuses on the fact that according to astrophysics, all the matter that is present in the universe today i.e. people, animals, plants, stars, the earth was created about 13 billion years ago at the very first moment of time. …
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The Big Bang Theory the Beginning of the Universe
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"The Big Bang Theory the Beginning of the Universe"

Download file to see previous pages The progression named inflation from that particular point took over, and that exponentially increased all the matter present in the universe, from a very tiny point into something the size of a basketball, in about a blink of an eye.
Inflation is considered to be a very significant process for the big bang, as it explained the uniformity of particles at the very beginning of the universe. Although inflation period has ended a long time ago, however, expansion continued and it is still occurring.
The aspects of Big Bang theory might not be proven by using visual observations. Scientists, as well as people, believe that light from the object present three million light years far away will almost take the same time to reach the ground. By using this way the scientists may look back into time into the history of the creation of the universe. However, this method has certain limitations because at one particular time the universe had no light of its own. Even one of the most powerful telescopes presents till date does not have the ability to look the starting of the universe.
The big bang was not like any of the explosion that we witness today. The cosmologists believe that the energy was flung by the big bang in all the directions of the earth at the speed of light i.e. approximately about 300 meters/sec which is about a hundred time faster than the hydrogen bomb. At that particular time, the temperature of the earth was about 1000 trillion degree Celsius. Even the centres of the hottest stars present in the universe are much cooler than this (The Big Bang Theory).
It is important to remember that the big bang is just a theory but it is very much significant for the entire human race. Like all the theories presented by the scientists, big bang to is also created on a number of assumptions that may or may not stand on the aspects of the new advancements in research. The minds of the scientist are not close to the drawbacks associated with the theory but still, they consider it to be the most powerful theory about the starting in the universe.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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