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Running Water and Ground Water - Essay Example

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Most of the water present on earth is not available for human use. 97% of the water present on earth is oceanic water. The salinity level of this water does not permit it to e utilized for our daily purposes. It is also…
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Running Water and Ground Water
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"Running Water and Ground Water"

Download file to see previous pages Rains maintain a balance through which water is maintained in the fresh water resources. Running water is the water that is present in the streams. It runs down due to the force of gravity. Groundwater is the water that seeps down from the surface and gathers under the surface in an aquifer or underground reservoir.
It rains on mountains quite often, the water from the rain rushes down the mountains due to the force of gravity. At first stage, small streams are formed that combine together to make a bigger stream, streams connect together to form a river. The water in the streams and rivers is called running water. In the similar manner, due to change in temperature from winter to summer, the snow on mountains melt into water. The water rushes down the mountain due to the force of gravity. Running water has high oxygen level and most of the needs are satisfied with the help of running water. Running water is also utilized to generate energy. In olden days, the force of running water was utilized to crush wheat cornels (Hynes, 1983).
Ground water is the type of water that seeps down into the surface and settles down in an aquifer or underground reservoir. This water is also the rain water but due to saturation of ground the seeps down to the aquifer. As the quantity of water above the surface decreases, the quantity of water undergrad also decreases. However, annual rains and snowfalls replenish the underground water through the saturated grounds. Wells lie directly over the aquifers. Underground aquifers are good in holding water for longer periods as compared to the above ground water resources. There is no evaporation of water from the underground aquifers. However, little water that comes to the surface due to capillary effect evaporates form the surface (Hynes, 1983).
Aquifer is an underground soil or group of rock that allow the underground water to pass through them and move according ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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