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The essay "What are the causes and impacts of water pollution?" describes that water pollution is a huge problem bedeviling many countries and curtailing exponential growth of their economies. This presentation illustrates some of the causes and impacts of water pollution to the biotic and abiotic components of the environment…
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What Are the Causes and Impacts of Water Pollution
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Extract of sample "What Are the Causes and Impacts of Water Pollution"

Download file to see previous pages Water pollution has numerous causes, some of which can be avoided by promoting and implementing proper waste treatment before disposal in water bodies, proper application of fertilizers and herbicides in farms and appropriate usage of water by users in its natural state.
Most municipalities mainly in the developing world do not have modern sewage treatment systems to optimally treat wastes collected. Moreover, the systems in place are not very efficient in the treatment of the wastewaters since most are poorly maintained and repairs are hardly affected. In addition, treatment is mainly restricted to primary and secondary treatment processes thus removing only pathogens and gross organic wastes. The water released is thus harmless to other users but laden with nutrients (Rogers 2004).
High nutrient fertilizers applied to agricultural lands mainly by large scale farmers are a source of pollutants causing water pollution. High levels of nitrogen and phosphorous are essential in the efficiency of these products. Therefore runoff from fertilized areas into water bodies such as rivers causes a dramatic increase in nutrient levels in the water bodies.(Jeffries & Mills 2003).
Many domestic and industrial detergents contain significant levels of nutrients which are responsible for eutrophication of water bodies. An example is the cleaning activities carried out by residents living around a water body.
Domestic and industrial solid wastes deposited in various areas contain large amounts of organic matter and heavy metals. Nutrient-rich, organo-chemical byproducts of decomposition are leached from these sites and find their way into water bodies through surface and underground flow.
Many industries in numerous parts of the world release effluent laden with nutrients, organic matter and heavy metals into water bodies. These components increase the nutrient content of the water causing its eutrophication.
Various manufacturing industries such as chemical, beer and tanning industries regularly release acidic substances from point sources directly into water bodies such as rivers. In addition to these sources, low PH precipitation resulting from atmospheric pollution (acid rain) is a major cause of water pollution .This has been observed as a substantial problem especially in industrialized countries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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