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What evidences supports the idea that a relatively recent catastrophic event was responsible for Saturn's rings - Essay Example

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Creationists have argued that Saturn’s rings are less than 1 million years old but evolutionists claim that it is 4-5 billion years old hence leaving it a…
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What evidences supports the idea that a relatively recent catastrophic event was responsible for Saturns rings
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"What evidences supports the idea that a relatively recent catastrophic event was responsible for Saturn's rings"

Download file to see previous pages As a result, a mass of debris was formed hence making up the ring (Hetcht 18).
In 1852, Otto Struve discovered that there were changes in the width of the ring and there was a continuous decrease of the gap between the edge of inner ring B and the surface of the planet. The rings were approaching the surface of the planet rapidly. According to modern scientists, the deteriorating nature of rings is attributed to rains of microscopic meteorites that pelt the rings thus eroding them rapidly (Hetcht 19).
Modern astronomers believe that Saturn rings contain water that evaporates from their surfaces when the micrometeorites hit them. Natural water molecules fall back on the rings while charges ions move along the magnetic field lines formed near the surface of the rings. As a result, there is presence of water precipitate adjacent to the rings. The scientific explanation behind the water molecules and its ionization show that there are real meteorites which strike the rings causing ionization of water particles. The fast evaporation and ionization of the water show that the ring was formed relatively few years ago compared to what others astronomers believe that it was formed billion years ago after a comer or moon crashed on its surface. If the rings had been formed billion years ago, there wouldn’t have been water precipitate on the surface of the rings (Hetcht ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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