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21st most extensive and 18th most populous state Missouri was extremely affected by a severe tornado at Joplin graded as EF-5 on Enhanced Fujita Scale. It was actually a part of larger late-May tornado outbreak sequence and struck the Missouri on 22nd May, 2011. The Joplin…
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Download file to see previous pages produced by a tornado of 1953 in Flint, Michigan in which 115 people were died; however, death toll remained less than a tornado of 1947 in Woodland, Okalahoma, when 181 people were killed. A well advanced tornado warning was issued by the local meteorological office as well as special updated were released by National Weather Service. A great coordination between meteorological and administrative agencies enabled the general public in advance to take necessary safety measures and thus saved many lives. However, despite of taking all the measures, tornado was strengthened enough that it not only produced tremendous loss of infrastructure but also caused 162 human fatalities and moderate to severe injuries to more than 1000 people (Reuters, 14 Sep, 2011). This paper explains several aspects of Joplin Tornado which include the synopsis of the incident with the help of real-time dealing with of the event, loss of human life and damage to businesses and properties, and some statistics as well. At the end, few points are suggested for forecasters to improve their forecast related to any such occurrence in future.
A tornado is defined as “a rotating column of air ranging in width from a few yards to more than a mile and whirling at destructively high speeds, usually accompanied by a funnel-shaped downward extension of a cumulonimbus cloud” (http://www.the Tornadoes appear in a number of sizes and shapes; however they are often in the style of an observable condensation funnel, as their thin end meets the ground and are oftentimes surrounded by clouds containing waste and dust particles. The majority of tornadoes possess violent winds having speed not less than 110 miles per hour, however, a lot of severe tornadoes can gain the wind velocities greater than 300 miles per hour with an extension of width well over two miles around, and remain to the earth for a great deal of about more than 100 miles in length (Edwards, 2006). The strength of a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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