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GEOL - Meteorology and Space Science - Essay Example

3. Conduction: where heat is transferred across the direct contact of the objects. An example is the electric cooker, when a pan is placed above the hot plate. The second is convection, which takes place through the movement of liquid or solid particles from hot to cold areas, due to the expansion of particles, which leads to the loss of density. An example is the boiling of the water at the brim of a kettle, when the heater coil is powered. Radiation is the transfer of heat without any medium. The transfer takes place through electromagnetic waves, for example in the case of the heater coil used in houses (Korolev & Mazin 2957 -2960). 4. Out of the 100% radiation, 16% is absorbed by the atmosphere, 6% is reflected by the atmosphere; 3% is absorbed by clouds, 20% is reflected by the clouds and 4% is reflect by the surface of the earth, leaving 51%, which is absorbed by the earth – the oceans and the lands. 5. The North Pole is cold, and then temperatures increase to the equator. Past the equator, temperatures decline towards the cold South Pole. 6. Freezing (liquid to solid), boiling (liquid to gas), melting (solid to liquid), condensation (gas to liquid) evaporation (liquid to gas) and sublimation (solid to gas). 7. Saturation is the point where a solution cannot take more of the solute. Relative humidity is the ratio of gaseous water in air-water mixture, relative to the water vapor level at a given temperature. Dew point is the temperature, where the vapor in air at the given pressure

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GEOL - Meteorology and Space Science
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GEOL - Meteorology and Space Science
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changes to liquid water, at a rate similar to that of its evaporation. 8. As the earth’s temperatures increase, ground air containing water vapor is heated, therefore rises as it cools. Clouds are formed after the humid air is cooled beyond the critical temperature, condensing the particles into tiny particles, which combine to form droplets of water. 9. Adiabatic means the nature of a process, that takes place without the transmission of the heat of the system in question, with the immediate environment. 10. Organic lifting, convergence, frontal wedging and localized convective lifting (Tarbuck, Lutgens & Frederick 456). 11. Stable air is used to refer to the weather outlook, which is more likely to remain calm. Under such a weather outlook, it can snow or rain in a steady and slow manner; it may remain sunny, but the distinctive outlook of such a weather is that the weather will not change abruptly. On the other hand, unstable air implies the weather outlook, where weather conditions may change quickly, and without making any warnings regarding the change. Unstable air leads to the change of weather, to one where sudden and unanticipated thunderstorms are experienced (Korolev & Mazin 2957 -2960). 12. For the condensation process to take place the air containing moisture releases the water vapor it contains, releasing it to the surrounding area, which takes the form of water droplets. For the process to take place, a number of conditions are required to be present. These include that there should be a temperature difference (gradient) between the air outside and that inside the container; there should be a center that produces moisture, and there should be a channel, using which to move through (Korolev 3374). 13. Radiation fog, which is formed during a clear night, after radiation cooling makes the temperature of the air at the
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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Meteorology and Space Science 1. The major components of dry air include argon, Oxygen and Nitrogen. 2. During a solstice (summer and winter), the earth’s poles point most straightly to the sun compared to other times, therefore during the summer solstice, the north pole experiences the longest day, while the other parts experiences their shortest days…
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GEOL - Meteorology and Space Science
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