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Week 4 - Essay Example

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However, it is never enough because of the various wastes that occur during the daily use. If only we could save on the water, shortage of it would become a myth.
There is a simple strategy which might be useful in order to…
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Week 4
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"Week 4"

Download file to see previous pages Although the changes will affect my personal life in an apparent negative way, it will save on my money and also on the local water supply as a whole. Concerning the local water supply, my strategy would be to reduce the amount of water delivered to my homestead and this would also imply a reduction of electricity cost for the local supplier.
As a general strategy of water saving for the whole region, I would suggest the recycling of water. This might appear as a hard nut to crack but the water that goes to waste on a daily basis is even more than we could ever imagine. For instance, the water used to wash dishes could be used to water the kitchen garden.
However, there are cons and pros of this method. Starting with cons, it should be said that this method requires use of washing buckets instead of washing sink to make it easier to retrieve the water. There is no doubt it is a big nuisance. Also, the method will require more than just throwing the water on the garden. Moreover, it is required to sieve the water of unnecessary material before using it for watering.
Taking the total household use as 272 gallons, considering each gallon to be about 8.3 lbs in weight, then carrying the water home from a distant source would mean carrying about 2257.6 lbs per day per person. This is incredible but it happens every day in the developing countries.
This difference, which is quite big, can be attributed to water wastage like that in the bathroom. It can also happen due to the use of machines not designed within the concepts of water saving ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Week 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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