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Mountains and Molehills - Essay Example

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The range of mountains includes the Guadalupe peak which is around 2667 m above sea level and is the highest summit in Texas. They are surrounded by the South plains to the east and north and the…
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Mountains and Molehills
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"Mountains and Molehills"

Download file to see previous pages This national park is also a home for several rare species of butterflies. It is believed that more than 90 different types of species have been found here.
As the years went on, all the deeply buried sediments were heated which integrated with other sediments. This process continued on for years which resulted in the formation of mountains near Texas. Thick sequences of coarse grading to fine sediments were washed from the continental core into an ancient sea - into the location of what would become Texas (A Natural History, Texas climate is mainly affected by the Gulf air which flows from the north crossing the mountains. The cold climate is because of the presence of mountains and the cold climate in Guadalupe. The central third of Texas has a Subtropical Sub-humid climate characterized by hot summers and dry winters (The Climate of Texas, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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