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Recent real-life application within the past 12 months - Essay Example

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[Subject] Recent real-life application within the past 12 months Free Fall Acceleration and the Gravitational Force Physics is an intensively dynamic subject which is widely applicable in our routine life. It is a science which closely analyzes the physical aspects of different objects, including men and his surroundings…
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Recent real-life application within the past 12 months
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"Recent real-life application within the past 12 months"

Download file to see previous pages For instance, swimming is entirely based upon pressure, deepness, distance, and balance, all which constitutes the fundamental theories of physics. This paper aims to critically analyze my recent real life application of free fall acceleration and the gravitational force. Gravitational force is closely associated with Newton’s observation of a falling apple on ground. Initially he considered the downward movement of apples and later he figured out that it is basically due to the earth’s gravitational force (Kutner). Hence it was defined as the intense force of attraction among all body masses which actually keeps the objects on their suitable positions. For instance, it is the gravitational force which actually helps us in moving around, walking and doing different body activities. Moreover, it keeps the sun and other planets away from earth through a well calculated distance. It is largely responsible for the downward movement of water streams and the balance maintained in airplanes (Kutner). Plenty of such examples are witnessed in our daily life. Free fall acceleration is another wide concept which is directly related with the gravitational force. Free fall is caused when any object losses its weight and hence free falls due to the intense gravitational force. ...
Similarly parachutes and aircrafts safely land on earth because of the fixed gravity i.e. 9.8 m/s2 (Acceleration due to Gravity). However, if a human being experiences free fall in real life then it can result in serious consequences while intensely damaging the human body. Few months back I was going to a friend’s house at the sixth floor through an elevator. Lifts or elevators are built in such a way that they easily move against the gravitational force and hence passengers remain safe from the dangers of free fall acceleration. But if the elevator breaks or it undergoes some serious mechanical issues that free fall acceleration might take place. When I reached the fifth floor the elevator suddenly stopped in the middle where I could not open the door. Three other passengers along with me started to press the emergency call button which was not responding. Then ultimately we started shouting so that people on ground can hear and help us. It was just then that one of the passengers called her brother standing on the ground floor. He immediately told the building manager and both of them along with a technician restarted the elevator. What happened later was even dreadful then before. Studying the laws and theories of physics in classrooms and facing their real life applications are entirely different. Each one of us was confident that the elevator cannot fall freely because of its structure and the overall use of modern technology. However, the fault was such a huge one that on restarting the lift it fell from the fifth floor. Free fall acceleration and the gravitational force increase the magnitude of the force acting on a falling body containing mass (Jewett & Serway ). The accelerating gravitational force which we experienced is represented by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Recent Real-Life Application Within the past 12 Months Essay)
Recent Real-Life Application Within the past 12 Months Essay.
“Recent Real-Life Application Within the past 12 Months Essay”, n.d.
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