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PA Design Report - Assignment Example

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Public Address System Name: Course: Date: The venue in Manchester where I have chosen to host the live event is the Manchester Evening News Arena. This is an indoor arena which was specifically constructed to host sporting and music events. It has a sitting capacity of 19950 individuals…
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PA Design Report
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Download file to see previous pages In an effort to increase the level of insulating sound in the arena, the material that was used for construction is reinforced concrete. It is among the few European arenas which is featured with a seating of 360 degrees. The arena is one of the busiest in the globe. It has millions of visitors streaming in every year to attend live music, comedy, tours, musicals and sporting events. A public address system is a system of electronics which comprises of a loudspeaker, an amplifier and a microphone and I geared towards amplifying the voice or sound of the speaker or recorded audio so as to permit effective communication with a large group of people. Public address systems play a very key role in the society. They are used in several places where their use is almost virtually indispensable. These include noisy places such as railway terminus, market places, churches, airports, harbors and the like. They are used to facilitate numerous functions which include campaigning in political rallies; reaching to large multitudes; advertising and making sales in crowded places; making open air prayers among Muslim societies and the like. The Manchester Evening News Arena mostly uses or requires a public address system for functions such as announcing the performer in the next music or sport event; announcing the scores in a sports activity; transmitting the address of guests in attendance to the occupants of the arena; making announcements regarding procedures of departure or refreshment among several others. Concert The concert for which this design I slated is Rock band concert which shall be graced by the popular Aerosmith band. They shall be entertaining an expected huge crowd of people who shall come out to party given the reputation of the band. It is expected to be an all entertaining show piece which shall be in the form of a live music performance by the band. The Arena is very big and with the huge crowd that shall throng it, the Public address system that is necessary for the concert has got to be top notch. Major Design consideration The major factor of consideration in the design of a public address system is the space and pathway for the wiring lines and the public address system equipment. The design should create clear cut path ways where the cables shall pass so as to avoid human interference with the system. In the event that the cables are laid in the paths where there is constant traffic, there is a high chance that the traffic might stumble upon the wires and accidentally cut one, a number of or all of them. In this case, the public address system shall miserably fail (BARNETT, WOODGATE, JONES, & INGLIS 1991). What is worse is the fact that it might take a very long time to identify where the problem is before fixing it. This shall cause a delay in the schedule and a total mayhem in the arena. The best design of public address system for the arena is thus one which has all the cables buried in pipes underground and in concrete walls or pillars. The speakers and equipment should also be connected in parallel and not in series. Equipment connected in series have the tendency of all failing in the event where one of them fails. On the contrary, equipment connected in parallel keep working even after one of them or a number of them have failed. Sound on stage The stage is where a bulk of the activities shall be taking place as it shall be focus of attention. All eyes shall be on the stage and of course so shall be all ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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PA Design Report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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