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Earth Science - Essay Example

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Section/# Date Human Impacts upon the Environment and an Analysis of Alternative Energy Production One of the most relevant topics of interest within the news these days is the issue of climate change and what humans can do to seek to ameliorate it…
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Earth Science
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"Earth Science"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, an analysis of current strategies as well as alternative energy dependence will also be discussed. It is hope of this author that through an analysis of these different mechanisms, the reader will be more fully able to integrate an understanding and appreciation for the fragile environment that humans currently exist within. Firstly, it should be understood by the reader/researcher that many natural processes that take place within the current system have a contributing effect upon the mass of CO2 that is released into the air atmosphere; thereby directly contributing to the greenhouse effect that impacts the planet as a whole. Recent research into this topic has indicated that processes such as volcanic eruptions or even the methane gas released by the Earth’s bovine population have an even greater impact upon overall CO2 levels than all human activity within any given year. However, this should not be seen to delegitimize the processes whereby humans can provide additional negative impacts upon the global environment. Due to the fact that the Earth is ultimately a closed system, it can only integrate a certain amount of change before negative impacts are seen. As such the Earth’s ecological system might be able to integrate with volcanic eruptions or the methane gas produced by cows; however, further integration of the ever-increasing levels of human CO2 emissions is likely well beyond the capabilities of the system as a whole. Although human CO2 emissions have commonly been viewed within the context of emissions from internal combustion engines, the fact of the matter is that industrialized nations as well as power generation from a variety of sources, rainforest instruction, and a litany of other activities contribute to the overall levels of CO2 that are produced within any given year. Due to the fact that the earth’s population has continued to increase at an exponential rate of growth over the past centuries, it is only reasonable to assume that the impacts of technological advancements as well as further urbanization and construction play a prominent role in the overall level and extent to which humans affect the environment. Whereas the preceding analysis has focused solely upon whether or not, and to what extent, humans’ impact upon the global environment is, the proceeding section will seek to place a level of focus upon some of the strategies and means by which humans can seek to wean themselves from fossil fuel dependence and become more reliant upon alternative energy. Whereas few individuals promote industrialization as a means of promoting the global environment, the most rational and reasonable strategy is to seek to find alternative means to continue the technological and industrialization advancements while at the same time promoting the environment. One of the most powerful mechanisms to accomplish such an end is by focusing upon the means of energy production that humans so readily consume. Some of the most effective means of accomplishing this are by integrating a further reliance upon solar, nuclear, wind and other alternative means of energy production. Although the “dirty” forms of energy generation provide for the current needs of the system, they have a massively negative impact upon the environment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Earth Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
“Earth Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1”, n.d.
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