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Comparison of Two Methods of Energy Production - Research Paper Example

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No: Date: Comparison of Two Methods of Energy Production Energy is considered as the most important need of the humans. In most regions of the regions of the world, life is considered to be incomplete without power…
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Comparison of Two Methods of Energy Production
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Download file to see previous pages The conventional methods of the power generation requires fossil fuel as the sources of the power, however, alternate resources of energy generate energy by the utilization of the sustainable resources of energy, like solar, wind, geothermal, hydrodynamic, etc. As, the population of the world is growing, the hunger of the power is growing. During the past few decades, the hunger for the power reached to a higher level (Manwell, McGowan & Rogers, 2009). The fuel prices are also rising due to the increase in the demand and shortening of the resources. Thus, the conventional power generation methods are now seem to be costly as compared to the alternate power generation methods. On the other hand, alternate methods of the power generation are not only considered as cost efficient but also environmentally responsible. In this paper, the conventional power generation methods and wind power generation method are compared according to the economic stability, environmental stability and the most appropriate future power generation methods. Coal is the compound that is mostly utilized for the generation of electrical energy. Coal is also the dirtiest type of fossil fuels due to the production of solid as well aerosol wastes. Natural gas is the cleanest form of the fossil fuels (Manwell, McGowan & Rogers, 2009). ...
to change the water into super saturated steam that may have a temperature as high as 600 degrees on the Celsius scale (Manwell, McGowan & Rogers, 2009). High pressure super saturated steam is then utilized in the steam turbine engine. The high pressure super saturated steam influences the blades of the turbine to react in response to the high pressure steam. Blades are attached to the rotor that converts the steam energy into rotational motion. The rotational motion is then shifted to the electrical generator that converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. Two major types of alternating current generators are utilizing to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy; permanent magnet generators and induction generators. Both are technologies are utilized in the power generation industry depending upon the amount of power generation. Wind energy conversion system is a simple conversion method. Wind strikes with blades of the wind turbine, the turbine blades react with the influence of the wind and produces a rotation in the rotor of the turbine. The rotor rotates the armature of the generator that induces electromotive forces in the corresponding coils and thus generates the electrical current. The blades of the wind turbine are such designed to take maximum advantage form the wind and a better control and gear system ensure the higher performance from the wind turbine. Wind power generation method is becoming more popular due to the higher efficiency and greater reliability as compared to the other alternate resources. Horizontal axis wind turbines are employed by many countries to generate electrical energy (Knopper & Ollson, 2011). However, vertical axis wind turbines are gaining popularity dye to simpler design and better performance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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