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Construction, operation and associated circuitry of common - Assignment Example

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Construction, Operation and Principles of Circuitry of Common Lamp Types Insert name Institution TASK 1 Discharge Lighting Luminary for Various Environment An Office Building. The office environment that fitted with a furniture system requires cabinet task lighting to provide lux units that are equivalent to about 30 footcandles shining on the surface of work…
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Construction, operation and associated circuitry of common
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"Construction, operation and associated circuitry of common"

Download file to see previous pages Even so, this should not be applied in the spaces such as courtroom and conference hall, which find instantaneous controls to be important. The dimming characteritisc could be achieved through the fixing with fluorescent and incandescent as well as with HID. One of the forms of lighting is alcove lighting. It is ordinary in that it is indirect. This finds a lot of application in the fluorescent lighting, neon lighting or even rope. This can also be described as a form of backlighting. There are other approaches that could be utilized to compelement this form of lighting. For example, close-to-wall lighting, or soffit, could be utilized to bring out an appealing texture, although this has its limitations. More often than not, the effect is dependent upon the specification of the light that has been used. Recessed lighting is the widely applied feature and has fixtures that are attached to the ceiling to look appealing. The forms of lighting can utilize the narrow spotlight beams and could even be made with reflectors. There are also the cases when the downlights comprising internal reflector could be designed to accommodate the A-lamps. Furthermore, the downlights could be LED, fluorescent, high density discharge or indecadent (Theraj, 2001). Another form of lighting is track lighting. This form of lighting earned popularity because it was easy to install, compared to the recessed form of lighting. Its fixtures are now also made decorative and can also be attached to the walls. The current popularity of these forms of lighting rests upon its ability to use low voltage, yet they assure safety in addition to the fact that they are decorative. Their circuits are fed by master transformers through the fixtures on the rod, as opposed to the approach where even light is fed by a set of transformers.The third form of lighting is cable lighting, which is simply a modified form of track lighting. Here, the lights hang from clipped cables that rest on tension. Nevertheless, illuminated ceiling is also another form of lighting that was popular in the 1970s. This form of lighting relied on the panels of diffusers that were suspended below the fluorescent lights. It finds a lot of application in all the general forms of lighting. Lastly, neon lighting could also be considered as a form of lighting, which mainly served an artistic function. Cul-de-sac Street lighting. Here, one of the requirement is that the luminaries should be designed so that they are in compliance with the local zoning laws. The IES Lighting Handbook offes comprehensive insights regarding the values that should be accorded to the exterior spaces. If the building program makes specifications of a flood lighting, they should be provided while the exterior lighting should be such that it blends with the external features of the buildings. Roadway and Parking Lighting. The roadway and parking lighting should be integrated with HD sources of light but should not go beyond the recommded values of 4 to 10 and 10 to 1 ratios. The parking areas should have luminaries that are not only efficient but also mounted on the poles. Sodium lamps may be preferable, but their impact should blend well with the environment. TASK 2 The Principles of Good Lighting Design There are various principles that have been developed regarding efficient lighting and lighting systems. The widely adopted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Construction, Operation and Associated Circuitry of Common Assignment.
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