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Physical science - Essay Example

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Energy Name: Institution: Conversion of energy from one form into another consists of three fundamental ways. The action of gravitational forces, electric and magnetic force fields, as well as frictional forces may collectively account for one of these ways as when potential energy becomes kinetic energy the moment an object is acted upon by gravity as it falls freely or when charged particles transfer energy between electric and magnetic fields causing electric current in a conductor to enable vibration of molecules so that electric potential is further transformed to energy in the form of heat…
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Physical science
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"Physical science"

Download file to see previous pages Thirdly, fission and fusion reactions possess the capacity turn the energy associated with ordering of subatomic particles into nuclear energy (How is Energy Converted). Fossil fuels pertain to fuels formed out of the organic remains of prehistoric plants and animals that undergo natural process of anaerobic decomposition and these fuels are chiefly comprised in coal, gas, and oil. It normally takes nearly 700 million years for decaying plant and animal matters to be fossilized upon exposure to extreme levels of heat and pressure into usable fossil fuels which are mostly rich in carbon with coal, natural gas, and petroleum by composition. Being a non-renewable source of energy, fossil fuels may be volatile or non-volatile as materials ranging from those of minimal C to H ratios as methane gas and liquid petroleum to materials with heavier carbon content than hydrogen as in the case of anthracite coal. In modern times, fossil fuels are confronted with the perils of continuous depletion at a rate that alarmingly exceeds that of their production which implies that renewable substitutes with equivalent advantages ought to be discovered and settled at for corrective resolution (Lecture 10: Fossil Fuels as Energy Sources). Aside from being a flexible non-renewable energy source, according to their structure, depositional environment, and thermal reactions, fossil fuels draw a potential attraction due to the fact that most of world’s reserves of oil and natural gas come from deformed rocks whereas a great quantity of coal may be derived from sedimentary rock layers that do not undergo deformation. Sediments are readily found everywhere on which are comprised marine organic matter filled with oil and gas in high proportions to make opulent fossil fuel amounts. Because of low oxygen concentration on environments in which massive deposits are preserved and coal forms that gather toward bogs and swamps, fossil fuels can be acquired with much convenience. Under natural circumstances, fossil fuels are made beyond human intervention since thermal processes may occur spontaneously after decomposing organics goes through preservation to become fossil fuels at a later time. Aside from fossil fuels, renewable alternatives could be wind energy and geothermal energy or heat derived from the earth by means of a natural geologic process. As a form of solar energy, the energy of the wind is found to comprise turbulent masses of air rushing to even out the differences in atmospheric pressure formed when the sun heats the air more in one place than in another. For centuries, wind power has been utilized extensively in pumping water, grinding grain, and producing electricity of the modern age. Wind turbines as major replacements to windmills perform the course of wind power upon conversion of the wind’s kinetic energy to mechanical energy which sustains small to large farms and villages with clean and renewable loads of electricity (Freris, 1990). Modern technological advancements in the fields of engineering and science have revolutionized the old design in windmills with a flexible range of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Physical Science
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Physical Science
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Physical Science
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Physical science
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Physical Science
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Physical Science
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Physical Science
The first process is the photochemical effect. Through this process, chemical changes within the atom facilitate the production and subsequent storage of energy. The second process is the photo electric effect that utilizes conduction electrons to transform kinetic energy into electric energy.
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