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Physics - Research Paper Example

The self-assembled surfactant molecules play the role of pore directing agents. The TiO2 material thus produced is highly porous and has a high specific surface area, small size of crystals, high porosity, high specific surface area, and active anatase crystal phase. The size distribution of the pores is narrow. Presence of organic substances causes pollution in water. Water may be made pollution-free either by complete eradication of the organic substances from water or their conversion into non-toxic forms. This is achieved by means of certain chemical, physical, and biological treatments. The modern water treatment technologies are used to breakdown the organic substances into their basic components, that would otherwise remain in the water if only the traditional treatment measures are applied. Photocatalysis is the most effective method of removing the organic substances from water so as to purify it. Photocatalysis is utilizable in both visible light and ultraviolet light. Previous researchers have studied the effects of the doping of non-metallic elements, or metal ions during the transition from ultraviolet light to visible light upon the TiO2 structure. The doping activity causes an enhancement of the photocatalytic activity of TiO2 as the onset of response from the area of ultraviolet light to the area of visible light of spectrum is transferred. The objective of this research is to tailor-design TiO2/Al2O3 composite membranes with enhanced photocatalytic activity and nanostructured

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TiO2 thin films so that they can be used in the treatment of water and wastewater as well as the reuse systems. This research will do a systematic characterization of the photocatalytic, disinfection, separation, and the anti-biofouling traits of the TiO2 membranes and films. This research also aims at investigating the effectiveness of the TiO2 materials in the breakdown of creatinine, methylene blue dye, and biological toxins, along with the inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms. Activities included in the methodology of this research include processing, characterization, phase analysis through X-ray diffraction, microstructure analysis through scanning electron microscopy, microstructural examination through transmission electron microscopy, thermal stability, and mechanical testing. In the processing activity, sol-gel with acetic acid, and surfactant molecules will be used. Polyoxyethylenesorbitan monooleate will be used to make the photocatalytic TiO2 composite membranes. Use of modified sol–gel technique with surfactant will result in the development of TiO2 materials with the required pore structure and high photocatalytic activity. The activity of characterization has basically three subactivities, namely the phase analysis by X-ray diffraction, microstructure analysis with scanning electron microscopy, and microstructural examination with the help of transmission electron microscopy. This research does not cause any ethical issues. Successful completion of this project leads to two outcomes. Firstly, the films and membranes of photocatalytic TiO2 would be developed and used in the water treatment technologies. Secondly, such catalytic and structural traits of TiO2 as homogeneity, surface area, and volume of pores would be
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Summary Owing to the gravity of the problem of water pollution, and the frequency with which it is encountered, there is need to make photocatalytic TiO2 films and membranes to treat the water and wastewater on immediate basis. Tailor-designing the structural traits of TiO2 and improvement of its photocatalytic activity is a potential way to achieve this…
Physics Research Paper
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