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Physical Education - Research Paper Example

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Date Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Introduction 3 Works Cited 8 Obesity: Causes and Mitigation Approaches Introduction Incidence of obesity has been on the rise around the world in recent times. Obesity has been defined by the World Health Organization as worldwide epidemic and warns that there is an increasing prevalence of diseases as a result of obesity…
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Physical Education Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages According to WHO, a BMI that is equal to or greater than 30 is obesity. WHO notes, the facts about obesity are worrying; it notes that from 1980, the incidence of obesity in the world has more than doubled. Its findings suggest that by 2008, close to 300 million women and more than 200 million men over twenty years were obese. It is no doubt that obesity is becoming an increasing public health concern across the world and as a result posing serious threat of poor health among the population that may result to rising death rates and general poor health, in the long- run. It is in the light of these facts by the WHO that this research paper is concerned with obesity, its causes, and its effects. Causes of Obesity According to medical scholars and practitioners, obesity is a medical condition that is caused by numerous factors, and there is no one factor that can be directly attributed to the condition. Even though there is wide range of factors, this paper will focus on the major causes. The first major factor is dietary which has been cited to cause obesity not only in children but among the adults as well (Kopelman 14). In the modern world, food is not only considered as a source for physical nourishment but also as a source of pleasure among the majority of society’s population. Various studies have shown that consumption of highly caloric food, dairy products, and carbonated drinks among others have been on the rise thus greatly contributing to increasing prevalence of obesity (Keller 178). The other major cause of obesity is sedentary habits and little or no exercise. Due to advanced technology most people are able to perform tasks in the comfort of their homes or offices without much movement. A case in point is a person working behind a computer the whole day with little or no break at all. Sedentary habits have been noted to be more prominent among the children than adults. Most children spend most of their times especially during the weekends and holidays playing video games and watching television; actually these habits characterizes their ideal day (Kopelman 36). Related to sedentary habits is little or no exercise at all among a significant number of the population across the world, which results to increased prevalence of obesity. Few adults and children participate in sports activities and other exercise activities such as walking due to their unwillingness to do so or due to lack of time because of increasing commitments of the modern world (CDC). In addition, developmental factors especially among the children have been cited as a major factor that in most cases increases the chances of obesity. Due to rising preoccupation and commitments to other responsibilities, most mothers do not have sufficient time with their children; therefore, most children are not sufficiently breast- fed hence not cushioned against the possibility of obesity in their childhood and their future. Research has indicated that appropriate development among them breastfeeding greatly minimizes the chances of obesity (CDC). The current population that is experiencing high prevalence of obesity may be victims of poor development. Unless the development of individuals is taken seriously from childhood, there is very likelihood that prevalence of obesity will be so high in coming years. Other factors that affect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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