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Theories of Electricity and Magnetism - Essay Example

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Theories of Electricity and Magnetism Introduction Electricity and magnetism are two related phenomenon that are dependent on different but closely related principals. Electricity is the flow of charge or electrons through a conductor while magnetism is the force of attraction and repulsion experienced within a magnetic field…
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Theories of Electricity and Magnetism
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Download file to see previous pages It is possible to transform an electric field into a magnetic field and vice versa. This essay will therefore analyze the properties of electricity and magnetism and their relationship with respective theories. Magnetism There are three basic properties of magnetism. These properties are the basic behaviors of magnets and they define laws that govern magnetism. The first property of magnetism is the bipolar property. According to this property, a magnet has two unlike poles. It is also impossible to separate the two poles of a magnet or to create a monopole magnet. This indicates that whenever a magnet is split into two pieces, two unlike poles always result creating two independent and complete magnets. The second property of magnetism is the attraction of unlike poles and repulsion of like poles. This significant property forms the basis of most theories that governs magnetism. The third property of magnetism is the existence of a magnetic field or the region around the magnet within which the effects of a magnet are experienced (David 109). A magnet has a strong field around its poles and its strength varies inversely with the distance from the magnet. Theories of magnetism are based on the three properties and they explain why magnets behave the way they do. Magnetic theories are also used to predict occurrences that cannot be verified physically as the three properties. The first significant theory of magnetism is the Weber’s theory of magnetism. According to this theory, the magnetic property of a magnet is based on the magnetic property of each individual molecule. Weber hypothesized that each molecule behaves like a tiny magnet that has the bipolar property discussed above. According to Weber’s theory, the difference between a magnet and non-magnet results from the magnetic field of each molecular magnet. During the magnetization process, the molecules of a piece of material are aligned in one direction with all their south poles and north poles facing in a similar direction. In an un-magnetized material opposite poles of each individual molecule are oriented in a similar direction resulting in cancellation of the magnetic force. Such a material will have zero resultant force (David 119). This theory is closely related to the bipolar property of a magnet. According to the theory, the two poles of each magnet results from the fundamental molecular magnet that forms the magnet under consideration. The inability to create a monopole magnet also has its basis on the existence of bipolar molecules. Each split or separation of a magnet results into two independent magnets with independent south poles and north poles. This is because the splitting of a magnet does not affect the direction of the magnetic force of each individual molar magnet. Finally, the theory supports the field property of magnets. This is because the magnetic field around each magnet results from the cumulative field of each individual molecule. The second significant theory of magnetism is the domain theory. This theory is based on the orbiting or spinning of electrons around the nucleus. The spinning of electrons creates both an electric and magnetic field around the electron. When most of the electrons within an atom spin in a similar direction, a magnetic field results around the atom. Magnetism results from the resultant effects of such electrons. On the other hand, the atoms of a non-magnetized mater ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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