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Energy Sources of the Future - Essay Example

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(Name) (Professor) (Subject) (Date) Biomass, Wind Power and Solar Power According to a research study of the Intergrity Research Institute, 85% of fuel in the United States comes from “dead fossils,” that causes the atmosphere to overheat (Valone). Fossil fuels usually cause global warming, air pollution, water and land pollution, as well as thermal pollution (“The Hidden Cost”)…
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Energy Sources of the Future
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Download file to see previous pages Biomass Biomass is energy from organic matter and is usually in the form of “clean” carbo-hydrogen gas or COH2 (Valone). Biomass is also known as biofuel and is produced from organic material such as woodchips, animal wastes and seaweed (“Biomass”). These organic components are made into oil, natural gas or methanol. The COH2 gas derived from biomass “burns cleanly, [produces] water vapor” and a limited amount of CO2, which is the one the biomass consumed while it was still growing as a plant (Valone). David Wallman patented the process of producing COH2 from any biomass solution, and this is currently used as “municipal sewage treatment” and perhaps a replacement for foreign oil in the future (Valone). The biomass power station, which operates using David Wallman’s patented process, involves the burning of the animal or plant wastes. The heat that is produced from the burning is converted into steam and this steam powers the turbines that convert mechanical energy into electricity (“Biomass”). When it comes to availability and renewability, the availability of biomass depends on the supply of organic wastes, which are actually relatively cheap to use (“Biomass”). ...
Perhaps the only environmental issue associated with biomass is the greenhouse gas, which results from the combustion of organic fuel or biomass (“Biomass”). This would naturally bring about pollution. Other harmful effects of biomass production include destruction of the ecosystem, loss of biodiversity, competition for land and food, and excessive demand of the organic matter for water (Langeveld & Corre). Wind Power Wind power is obviously another very good alternative to fossil fuel use, and one that is becoming a more popular option in the United States (Walker). At the speed of around 25 km per hour, wind power can be used to produce electricity from towers with wind-blown propellers. The mechanical energy from the movement of the propellers is then converted into electricity (“Wind Power”). Wind power is both available and renewable because it needs no fuel; therefore, it is produced for free by the wind, except in some places which are not naturally windy (“Wind Power”). Coastal areas, as well as open plains and the tops of rounded hills are the perfect places for the construction of wind farms because of the high availability of wind in these areas (“Wind Power”). Wind power is relatively practical and cheap at the cost of around “4 cents per kilowatt-hour” and is usually put up as “offshore wind farms” in open-water areas (Walker). In fact, Ireland’s eight-mile Arklow Bank Offshore Wind Park is made up of wind towers that can provide electrical power for 16,000 homes (Walker). As to environmental impact, wind power does not produce any greenhouse gases or other toxic waste products (“Wind Power”). Nevertheless, the propellers can occasionally kill birds that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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