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The impact of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources on Our Earth... How does each one help or hinder our future - Research Paper Example

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The Impact of Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Sources on Our Earth. How Does Each One Help or Hinder Our Future? Introduction Energy can be defined as the degree of force which is when applied to certain objects is capable of moving one object from one position to another…
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The impact of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources on Our Earth... How does each one help or hinder our future
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Extract of sample "The impact of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources on Our Earth... How does each one help or hinder our future"

Download file to see previous pages However, energy can be classified into two main groups such as renewable as well as non-renewable energy (The National Academics Press, 2012). Renewable energy can be defined as the energy that is mainly created out of the natural sources such as sun, wind, rain, tides and can be reproduced as per the requirements. They are generally available in abundance and can be availed as and when needed. Renewable sources of energy are the cleanest sources of energy. Renewable energy sources are the sources that generally comprise wind power, geothermal energy, ocean energy, fuel wood, tar sands and oil share among others (The National Academics Press, 2012). On the other hand, the non-renewable sources of energy can be defined as the energy that has been prepared from those sources that are most likely to extinct fifty-sixty years from now. Owing to the fact that the non-renewable sources of energy are not environmental friendly, it is most likely to have an impact upon the health of an individual. The main reason behind their name to be regarded as non-renewable is that they cannot be re-created within a short span of time. Non-renewable sources tend to prevail in the form of fossil fuels, oil, natural gas as well as coal (The National Academics Press, 2012). The study intends to identify the impacts of renewable and non-renewable sources of energy upon the earth. ...
It can be stated that wind energy has become cost competitive with traditional energies in leading countries. Among all the renewable sources energy, it can be mentioned that the geothermal energy is practically infinite in nature in the long-term and it is also considered to be an abundant resource in the developing countries (The National Academics Press, 2012). Solar energy does not lead to air pollution when it is operated. The primary environmental and safety issues related to solar energy comprise the way they are created, installed and disposed of. There is a need of energy to create and hence install solar components. The fossil fuels used for this purpose can lead to emission of harmful gases thereby polluting the environment. Hence, one of the significant questions is related to the amount of fossil energy input needed for solar system in comparison to the fossil energy consumed by traditional energy systems. This generally alters based upon the technology and climate and the remaining energy can be effectively utilized to solar systems in applications where they are generally cost effective and hence enhance with the improvement of technology. The materials that are utilized in a few of the solar systems can lead to health and safety issues for a person who comes into contact with them. The production of the photovoltaic cells needs hazardous materials such as arsenic as well as cadmium. Silicon which is a chief substance that is utilized in solar cells can prove to be detrimental to the workers if they inhale it with dust (The National Academics Press, 2012). Geothermal energy tends to produce heat that can be found beneath the surface of the earth. One of the widely developed geothermal energy has been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Impact of Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Sources on Our Research Paper.
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