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Renewable versus Non Renewable Sources of Energy - Coursework Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate renewable versus nonrenewable sources of energy. It is a known fact that every nation on the face of the Earth wants to progress financially and economically…
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Renewable versus Non Renewable Sources of Energy
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Extract of sample "Renewable versus Non Renewable Sources of Energy"

Option 2: Energy Resource Plan Paper
It is a known fact that every nation on the face of the Earth wants to progress financially and economically. We want a life of comfort and ease for our citizens and as little a percentage of our population under the poverty line as possible. Economic development of nations has only been possible when one converts from an agrarian to an industrial nation. But doing so also requires making more and more use of the Earth’s resources. In fact, we are stripping the Earth of its natural resources at three times the rate of its replenishment. The consequences are disastrous and it is estimated that we shall run out of the available supply in the next 50 years or so. That is why it is necessary to both conserve our present resources of fuel and other natural resources as well as make as small a carbon footprint as possible. This is the only way that we can ensure that the present resources last for our next generation and beyond.
Renewable versus Non Renewable Sources of Energy
Energy can be classified into two types- renewable and non renewable. Renewable energy includes the natural resources that are in abundant supply like the sun, the oceans and the wind from which we can get solar, water and wind power. Non renewable sources of energy are those like the fossil fuels the world is consuming at a hectic pace. These non renewable sources also power most of the world’s machinery and power plants, especially in developing nations that do not have the means to use better and cleaner fuels and technology. It is no wonder that as we run out of these non-renewable sources of energy, they are going to cost more too. The best alternative is to switch to one or other source of renewable energy as soon as possible.
Methods to Conserve and Help the Environment
In this regard, each and every member of our society and our neighborhood can play an effective role in conserving and helping the environment. One thing is to be aware of the many ways in which we are wasting the available resources. (1)Switching off all lights and fans that are not being used; (2) turning off the tap water as soon as we have finished; and (3) using a car pool or public transport to commute to and from work rather than our own vehicles will result in less energy being demanded and used (White House website, 1). We should adopt conservatism rather than consumerism as a way of life.
Government Efforts
The Government of our country can itself do a lot to get involved in conservation efforts. President Obama has already committed that one million vehicles on our roads will use more energy efficient fuels by 2015. The Obama Administration has invested over $90 billion in clean energy since 2008 and wind, solar and geothermal plants have created an additional 20,000 megawatts of electricity. The Obama Administration envisages that 80 percent of our power should come from clean energy sources by 2025.
In summary, I would like to reiterate that consuming less of non renewable energy resources and switching to renewable sources is the need of the hour. Our slogan should be: ‘Move towards clean and renewable energy sources today for a better, cleaner and brighter future’. We owe it to ourselves and our future generations.
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