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Compare and contrast any two energy sources, for example solar and coal, in terms of cost and safety - Essay Example

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Non renewable energy sources such as coal are widely used worldwide but there has been need to use an alternative energy source such as solar and other renewable energy sources because they are more environmental friendly. Even though coal is cheaper than solar energy, it is…
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Compare and contrast any two energy sources, for example solar and coal, in terms of cost and safety
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, non-renewable energy sources like coal have adverse impacts on the ecological system as well as individuals’ health. This is because it significantly contributes to pollution and triggers global warming. Therefore, it is not safe to use coal and other non-renewable energy as power source. Renewable energy sources are infinite energy resource and this implies that they never run out. This report compares and contrasts these two sources of energy in relation to cost and safety.
This report is well structured and coordinated to ensure that all the ideas presented flow smoothly. Both primary and secondary sources have been used exhaustively to acquire important and relevant information to write this report. The information has also been acquired though surveys, telephone, mail as well as internet surveys. Extensive research has also been conducted to make this report effective.
Coal is not expensive as compared to solar energy, but again solar energy costs are dropping. Coal may not be expensive but it requires expensive air pollution controls such as mercury because it emits higher levels of carbon dioxide. It has a higher environmental impact from mining and burning since the carbon dioxide released during the process contributes to global warming and creates acid rain (Evans 2005, p.138). Coal mining has always been known to be dangerous and associated with many problems (Britton 1977, p.118). Moreover, coal as a source of energy is a significant contributor to acid rain and global warming and this is directly linked to its pollution ability because it emits major greenhouse gases that play a leading role in triggering global warming and climate change. Solar energy is somehow cheap because sunlight is usually free when available (Chiras 2014, p.363). Solar energy does not generally cause pollution but there are some emissions associated with the manufacturing, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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