The possibility of extra-terrestrial life - Essay Example

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The Possibility of Extra-terrestrial Life Instructor University The Possibility of Extra-terrestrial Life Man has always sought after what he does not see. His imagination can go beyond his own expectations and he is baffled by his discoveries…
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The possibility of extra-terrestrial life
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"The possibility of extra-terrestrial life"

Many non-scientific, fantasy and pulp-fictions have already started to entice peoples’ minds for the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. Alien life fascinate people to such extent that children and especially teenagers find it really hard to forget how those aliens whispered in their ears when they were young. They grow up to still believing that these aliens are somewhere out there even though they no longer whisper in the night. Bennett narrates his experience in a similar pattern which leads him to become a space scientist in the long run. Curiosity leads to pursuing ones profession and this is not an ordinary journey. The idea that other lives besides humans that have been evolving since billions and billions of years ago means that they might be far ahead of the humans in the expansions that man has made so far. This is where science intervenes between the possibilities and realities. The study made by the scientists comes under the subject heading, “astrobiology” or “exobiology” (Bennett 2008). In order for the extra-terrestrial life to exist on the body of solar system or elsewhere in the galaxy, it has to be equipped with the necessity for its own existence. Astro-biologists have short listed the characteristics which are useful to determine whether the alien life exists on Earth, Mars, Titan, Mercury or Venice etc. Survival on Sun and Moon appears to be impossible due to unfavourable conditions (Condie 2011). It is astounding to recognize that scientists are working on this area so adamantly. Some scientists have taken a sharper turn to explore the possibility of extra-terrestrial life on earth and beyond. They study and analyse the meteorites and make detailed mathematical calculations to pinpoint the exact source and its function. History informs that it was not easy to come to conclusions about these scientific discoveries. People were burned on stake for drawing conclusions about the universe being sun-centred or earth-centred (Day 1998). Artists and novelists came up with other ways of expressing their imaginative mind. This led to a separate genre in literature known as science-fiction. When NASA launched the information about possibility in Mars, people developed an apocalyptic image of earth being devoured by “the Martians” (NRC et al 2006). The New York Times reporter Claudia Dreifus conducted an interview with Alan Boss, an astronomer-cum-theoretical astrophysicist regarding the topic of extra-terrestrial life. Upon asking him whether he believes it exists, he responded that it is better to stay silent on this topic because of the fear that aliens would “enslave” the people and “kill” them. He simply declines the possibility of their invasion stating that it can only be done in science fiction (Dreifus 2009). Other researches find it very tempting to announce that life beyond earth may exist and state: “If microbes can live in the pores of rock deep beneath the Earth or at the rim of a scalding Yellowstone spring, then they might find a place like Mars not so shabby.” (Achenbach 2000). It takes only four common active elements to come together to start a life namely, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and oxygen. The natural history museum and the aura fashioned by creatures like ET, alien travelling on UFO, are fiction for some but real for others. Some give these aliens a stature parallel to the “angels, demons and ghostly spirits” Read More
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(The Possibility of Extra-Terrestrial Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
The Possibility of Extra-Terrestrial Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“The Possibility of Extra-Terrestrial Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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