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Could There Be Life in Other Planets - Term Paper Example

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The author states that while there are debates about mars having life, and since life comes from another life, it is argued that life on Earth came from another planet. All these discoveries lead one to believe that there could be life on other planets although there is no evidence yet…
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Could There Be Life in Other Planets
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Extract of sample "Could There Be Life in Other Planets"

Download file to see previous pages Before attempting to determine if life exists on other planets, it is essential to first understand the meaning of life and intelligent life. Life can be defined as "a condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally" (Borghino, 2008). “Intelligent life” is the condition in which a particular form of life has also developed a technology level comparable to ours. Spiritualists such as Rutler and Moniot (1997) believe that when people ask if there is life on other planets, it is an inner quest to know what is life and what is the nature of our being.

Life, according to Kleefman (1997), means carbon-based organic life forms that need liquid water to exist and hence not all planets are capable of sustaining life. There are more than 250 extrasolar planets and more are being discovered (Whethington, 2007). BBC (2009) says that Mars, Titan, and Europa are likely to have a life as astronomers believe that life has a good chance of evolving where conditions are right.

While some argue that life may exist on other planets but the existence of intelligent life is doubtful had intelligent life existed on other planets, they would have visited Earth and communication signals could have been detected (UFO Casebook, 2009). Spiritualists also raise the question of evolution and creation. If water is found on any –planet, it indicates life (Moore, 2005).

When NASA rover Opportunity discovered evidence that Mars had once been wet, people became excited because where there is water, there may be life (Bostrom, 2008). However, life in Mar was dismissed in 1976 (Begley, 2006) but some scientists still argue that they have detected living microorganisms in the soil of Mars (Begley, 2006a).
A poll of 250 scientists who study the planet, revealed that only one-quarter thought that life could exist on Mars (The Economist, 2005).

Scientists have tried to evidence life by remote sensing but it remains a challenge. If based on organic chemistry, life requires the presence of liquid water. The raw material of the primitive atmosphere of terrestrial planets is expected to be fully oxidized carbon. Now if there is life on other plants it would imply the massive reduction of oxidized carbon due to photosynthesis and the release of oxygen (Léger et al., 1996). Oxygen is highly reactive with reducing planetary rocks and hence the authors conclude that a massive presence of oxygen denotes could be a strong indication of life on other planets. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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