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Importance of Finding Evidence of Life on Other Planets - Assignment Example

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The author explains why this is so important to find evidence of life on another planet. The author states that with the ever-expanding field of science and astronomy, the search for the possibility of life on other planets within the solar system is in huge vogue for the past many years.  …
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Importance of Finding Evidence of Life on Other Planets
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Extract of sample "Importance of Finding Evidence of Life on Other Planets"

Countless scientific researches are in progress for many years to analyze the probability of life on the planets lying within the habitable zone or life zone.

Some people argue, and for good reasons, that mountains of dollars should be spent on more important and worthy issues rather than wasting them on finding life on other planets when life on Earth is under such stress, itself. Accordingly, Hurowitz (2008) says that the scientific explosion to detect evidence of life on other planets has led to a mass enthusiasm among scientists and researchers, but the idea of our civilization finding places “teeming with life” elsewhere is quite apprehensive. According to Cessna (n.d.), one reason scientists find it so important and fascinating sort of a research to determine life on other planets may be simple burning curiosity to find out if we are really absolutely alone in the universe and a desire to establish connections with life from other planets to achieve many kinds of benefits.   Read More
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