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The Relationship Between Magnetism and Electricity by Bidisha Mukherjee - Essay Example

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The relationship between electricity and magnetism. The article by Bidisha Mukherjee, “The Relationship Between Magnetism and Electricity”, discusses the link between electric and magnetic fields, and the way one can be produced and effected by the other…
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The Relationship Between Magnetism and Electricity by Bidisha Mukherjee
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Download file to see previous pages Similarly, a changing magnetic field produces and effects an electric current. However, if a static charge is placed in an electric field, or if the magnetic field is made static, one field would neither produce nor effect the other field. This phenomenon has been put to use in many devise which work on the principle of changing fields. The basic reason for the interplay of fields is that in an atom, a negative charge, the electron, is spinning around a positive core, the nucleus, producing a loop of electric field as a result of this motion. This electric field in turn produces a magnetic field. The article then proceeds to describe the concept of a field, and the scientists who have worked on this relationship between the two fields. It then lists several principles or characteristics of this interchange of fields. It focuses mainly on the need for movement of the particles if a field is to be induced by another field. It also states that both the poles of a magnet, the north and the south pole, coexist, and there can be no existence of one without the other. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I didn’t know how to start my text. "The Relationship Between Magnetism and Electricity by Bidisha Mukherjee." helped me out a lot! Especially the list of first sentence was valuable.

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