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Use of alternative sources of energy to replace the U.S. dependency on fossil fuel Student’s Use of Alternative Sources of Energy to Replace the U.S. Dependency on Fossil Fuel Introduction Fossil fuel has over the years been the major source of energy in the United States and the world at large…
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Use of alternative sources of energy to replace the U.S. dependency on fossil fuel Use of Alternative Sources of Energy to Replace the U.S. Dependency on Fossil Fuel Introduction Fossil fuel has over the years been the major source of energy in the United States and the world at large. They are mainly used for industrial and for domestic purposes. These sources of energy are, however, non-renewable and are limited in supply; this is because they take too long to form. Furthermore, once their deposits are depleted they cannot replenish. According to the U.S. Department of Energy Annual Review of 2004, it was found that there is a high rate of consumption of fossil fuel against the available deposits. Renewable sources of energy are also considered cost effective as most of them are available in abundance. It is in order for the American government to adopt the usage of geothermal, hydroelectric power, nuclear energy, solar power, wind power, and battery which are both environmental friendly and renewable. The use of petrol as a source of energy has caused a lot of environmental degradation due to the high amount of carbon dioxide emitted to the environment when burnt, which has resulted in global warming due the carbon emissions. It also has the disadvantage that it undergoes depletion and the United States mostly depend on its imports, yet it has many untapped renewable sources of energy. It would therefore be in order for the government of the United States to consider replacing petroleum energy with other renewable sources of energy like coal. According, the survey carried out in 2009, it was established that nuclear power accounts for only 20% of the United States energy supply. The use of nuclear energy will reduce the overreliance on fossil fuel Since the United States is currently the leading importer of crude oil in the world (Willrich, 1976). On the other hand, solar energy would also be another good alternative source of energy, which is considered environmental friendly according to the National Environmental Management authority. Solar energy is abundant in supply and can be harnessed by the United States to replace the use of fossil fuel like oil. It is also renewable and highly cost effective compared to fossil energy. It will help reduce the United States overreliance on imported fossil fuel which is estimated to be limited in supply and is undergoing depletion. The usage of solar power would only require the country to produce the solar panels and batteries which they are capable of instead of relying on fuel being imported from other countries (Craddock, 2008). Hydroelectric power, a source of energy generated from water should also be considered as a source of energy to replace the fossil energy in the United States. Its usage currently stands at about 7%, in the United States. Its production can be increased since America has many rivers and lakes across the country such as river Mississippi and Ottawa. This will help in reducing the over dependency on fossil fuel. It will also result in the creation of dams and water reservoirs which may act as tourist attraction sites besides generating electricity. The United States should also consider the production of geothermal energy as an alternative to the use of fossil fuel in industries. The energy is produced from steam generated underground, which is then harnessed to produce electricity. Currently its production is low at less than 1%, despite its being reliable and efficient. The United States should therefore consider increasing its production as this will reduce its reliance on petrol, gas and oil which are undergoing depletion (Fridleifsson, 2003). The United States should embrace the advancement in technology and introduce the usage of electric cars which uses batteries, and are chargeable with the help of solar energy since this will reduce the reliance on petroleum to drive the engine of cars. The use of electric cars will also reduce the depletion of the ozone due to gaseous emissions causing the global warming which is one of the major concerns of the Change. The use of electric cars is also considered cost effective, and efficient. According to David Craddock (2008), wind power is a good alternative source of energy to fossil fuel. It currently provides only 1% of the total energy in America. This source of energy is abundant since it is available free in the air. It is also considered environmental friendly as it does not pollute the environment. References Willrich M. (1976), Energy Independence in America: International Affairs (Royal Institute of International Affair) Craddock David (2008), Renewable energy made easy: free energy from solar, wind Fridleifsson IB-(2003), Status of geothermal energy amongst the world's energy sources Geothermics, Read More
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FOSSIL FUEL REPLACEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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