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Classical mechanics has various interesting applications in real life situations. Taylor, asserts that it is used to explain a number of phenomenon that people encounter in the day-to-day basis. For example, in sports, machines, designing mechanical systems, simple machines and parts of machines find lots of applications in classical mechanics. …
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Recent application of classical mechanics
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"Recent application of classical mechanics"

For ages, scientists have believed that there is nothing, which travels fast than light in a vacuum, for 186,000 miles speed per second. But experimentalists sent a laser pulse of light through a vapor cesium which left the hollow before it finished going in. The pulse moved 310 times, which is the distance that it would have taken if the compartment had enclosed a vacuum. Theorists claim that, this experiment is the most convincing display that the speed of light can be proved otherwise, under other laboratory circumstances. However, it does not generally hold the misconception that; there is nothing, which can travel faster than the speed of light. Right now this achievement has not had a practical application, but such experiments create an excitement among optical and theoretical physicists. There is at least a breakthrough of what people considered impossible in speed of light experiment using classical experiments. Read More
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