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Energy Name University Energy Energy is basically the ability to perform work and to move heat. Energy is required for the performance of work. Energy exists in different forms in this world and there are different sources of energy. These include fossil fuels, nuclear energy and light energy…
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Download file to see previous pages Fossil fuels are an example of nom-renewable sources of energy. Energy can be changed from one form to another. This is upheld by the first law of thermodynamics which puts forward the fact that “energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only converted from one form to another.” Different examples can be used to support this statement. Natural gas which is a form of energy is changed into heat and light upon burning. The burning of coal can be used for the production of light and heat. Visible light from the Sun can be changed into heat and electrical energy. The energy from wind can also be changed into electrical energy. These examples uphold the fact that energy conversion from one form to another takes place (Chrias 2006; Miller et al 2008). Fossil fuels are energy sources which are recovered from beneath the ground. They are basically hydrocarbons which are also referred to as mineral fuels. Coal, oil and natural gas are fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are formed by the decomposition of plants and animals which become buried inside the earth. This process has been estimated to take around millions of years. The decomposed material is exposed to the heat and the pressure from the earth’s crust owing to which it undergoes many changes and eventually results in the formation of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels have become an essential source of energy in today’s world. ...
They can be used as fuels for driving machineries. These benefits serve to provide for the attractions of fossil fuels (Miller et al 2008; Science Daily). Different alternatives to fossil fuels have been searched upon owing to the fact that the reserves of fossil fuels are starting to deplete. Nuclear power is an alternative source of energy. It can be used for the generation of heat, electricity as well as for making weapons. The advantage of nuclear power includes the fact that it can used for energy generation. It can also assist in preventing the quick depletion of the fossil fuels. It proves to be economically beneficial as well owing to the fact that it serves to create competition for other energy producers. This results in providing for a lower energy buying cost for consumers. Nuclear energy does not result in the release of greenhouse gases and thus it does not contribute to global warming as do fossil fuels. But this form of energy has its own disadvantages. The expenses required for the building of nuclear power plants are very high and therefore, it is an expensive form of energy. Nuclear energy can be used for building nuclear weapons which can prove to be very harmful for human beings. The waste of nuclear power plants is toxic and radioactive and there are no proper sites for disposing this harmful material. Furthermore, accidents in nuclear power plants can prove to be very harmful as they can create much havoc and destruction (In Foreman et al 1970; Miller et al 2011). Wind energy is another alternate source of energy to fossil fuels. Wind energy can be used for the generation of electricity. Wind turbines are built which utilize ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The energy requirements
... The energy requirements of the world are increasing day by day. The reserves of traditional energy resources like fossil fuels are rapidly depleting. In order to meet the ever increasing energy demands of the world, effort needs to put in to research alternatives to the fossil fuels. This paper would talk about the conversion of one form of energy to another and what alternatives to fossil fuels can we use to meet our energy requirements. According to the law of conservation of energy, energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but it can be converted from one form to another. There are many forms of energy,...
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Biomass Energy
...Bio-energy is a resource that has become increasingly significant as an energy carrier in the modern society. Throughout history, in all its forms, biomass has been one of the most important source of human’s basic needs often referred to as the six “fs” namely feed, food, feedstock, fuel, fertilizer and fiber. For industrial nations it was the main energy source until the early 1900s and, in fact, many developing nations still rely on it to provide for most of their energy needs (Calle, et al., 1). This paper discusses the sources of biomass energy, its pros and cons and draws conclusions about its feasibility and economic viability. Introduction Biomass refers...
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Alternative Energy
...?   Alternative Energy The world is highly dependent on fossil fuels for its energy needs. The biggest disadvantage of fossil fuels is that it causesglobal warming and environment degradation. Moreover, fossil fuels can last for 100 years or so as consumption rate of fossil fuels is much higher than the rate at which they are now discovered. In view of this, it becomes essential to find alternative sources of energy that can replace fossil fuels. The paper attempts to explore the possible alternative sources of energy that can be harnessed and the impediments that come in way in using these sources of energy; the most potential energy source that...
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Renewable energy
...Renewable Energy Introduction Before going into the discussion regarding renewable energy, let us get a better understanding of what renewable energy actually is. Renewable energy refers to continuous and natural energy sources such as rain, wind, sunlight, and geothermal energy. Renewable energy sources are used for the generation of electricity and for some other industrial purposes. Renewable energy is not only used on large scales for big cities but also it can be used for providing electricity to small villages. The main reason for switching from traditional energy sources to renewable energy sources is that the energy sources like natural gas, coal, and oil have no permanent reservoirs and they will be exhausted at some time in future... ....
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...Energy Energy The worst problem we are facing now is the energy crisis. Most of the energy sources we are exploiting now are of nonrenewable nature.Energy sources in the universe can be basically classified in to two broad categories; renewable and nonrenewable. Renewable energy such as solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy or hydroelectric power etc will never be exhausted whereas nonrenewable energy sources such as oil energy, natural gas, coal, nuclear energy, geothermal energy etc will be exhausted once. This paper explains the significance...
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...Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy As the world is beginning to realize the problems of global warming due to pollutions and also the problem of fossil fuel shortages, there has been a growing attention and developing trend for alternative, renewable and more ecologically safer forms of energy source production. The use of wind power is one of the handful alternative options for an alternative energy production. This energy is produced when turbines change the kinetic power of winds into electrical currents. Then a gearbox turns the slow rotor into faster moving gears, which transfer mechanical forces to electricity. Jacobson (2008) even stated that “some late-technology...
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...Task Energy plays a central role in development. Wind energy is a natural renewable form of energy harnessed to other forms such as electric energy and potential energy. Harnessing of energy is expensive; strict scrutiny needs to establish the cost benefit range. In a small town of Kaplanville of 25,000 people in the US, with the mayor as an instructor, decision to produce wind energy would depend on many factors such as the strength of wing and frequency of the wind. Several advantages are associated with wind energy. To start with, wind energy is a renewable source of energy,...
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Dark Energy
...Dark Energy Dark energy is a form of energy that occupies 73% of the total mass energy found in the universe. It saturatesspace and attempts to increase the rate at which the universe expands. It serves as the most appropriate hypothesis used to explain the observation made of an expanding universe at a rate that accelerates (Wang 20). Astronomers have proposed three principal ideas that attempt to explain dark energy. The proposed ideas include; cosmological constant, quintessence, and moduli. Cosmological constant refers to a constant energy density that fills empty space in a uniform manner. Ideally, it is the volume of space that consists...
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...Energy The types of energy, the use of energy and insufficient access to energy have far-reaching implications for the economic development of a city. The burning of the hydrocarbon has been a key contributor of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. In cities where sustainable energy and climate action plan are implemented reduce their vulnerability to energy scarcity and to energy price rises. Cities should specifically consider the needs of users first. The users also should ensure that they reduce their demand on the energy resources. This means that it should be a shared responsibility in undertaking...
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Energy Drinks
...Kidim Alkidim English 110 Cynthia Fillmore 18 November Energy drinks Introduction Population segments such as and workers who may need to put in extra efforts may lack required energy and resort to energy drinks but this could be detrimental to the users’ bodies. People use energy drinks to overcome fatigue but the drinks have adverse effects on the body. It is important for such individuals to reduce the amounts of energy drinks they consume due to the resulting adverse effects including increased blood pressure and weight gain. However, the dangers associated with these drinks are facing a lot of press because of the increased numbers of energy...
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