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Does Vitamin B increase energy metabolism - Assignment Example

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Does Vitamin B increase energy metabolism? Instructor: Institution: Introduction The paper delves into discussing issues around a nutritional controversy. The issues around the controversy that will be put into perspective include the source that describes the controversy, scientific evidence that supports the controversy, and the scientific evidence that are not in support of the controversy…
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Does Vitamin B increase energy metabolism
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Extract of sample "Does Vitamin B increase energy metabolism"

Download file to see previous pages Some say that vitamin B has critical components that boots metabolism and activity of the body (Sato and Murayama, 2011). While others say that vitamin is harmful, especially Vitamin B-12 because it affects the effectiveness of some kind of medication, other also say that vitamin B does not actually result in increased body activity. Source of the controversy The controversy has been in the public domain for a while for a while. The debate on the impact of Vitamin B on metabolism and body activities have been stealing headlines in the print media, in the internet and even on TV. I first knew about the controversy through the Internet. I was going through an article on nutrition, and the author alluded to this controversy. There is need for the professionals in the nutrition sector to clear the air on this controversy so that people are well informed about whether vitamin B is good from metabolism or whether it has harmful effects and should therefore be avoided. The controversy surrounding the effect on nutrition on metabolism is not good and the earlier a precise position on the matter is arrived at the better. Review of the scientific evidence that supports the controversy Vitamin B is effective in increasing metabolism in the human body. What makes Vitamin B even better is the fact that it is water-soluble, which is essential for cell functioning. Vitamin B plays an unrivaled role concerning maintenance of the mitochondrion function. Any deficiency of vitamin B usually results in compromising the critical mitochondrion function. There are several forms of Vitamin B, which includes Thiamin, Riboflavin, Pantothenic, Biotin, pyridoxol, and cobalamin. All these forms of vitamin b play a role in the metabolism, which results to increase in the activity of the body. Thiamin, Riboflavin, and vitamin B-6 are essentially critical in generation of energy in the body while vitamin B-12 is essentially useful in ensuring that new cells are synthesized. In fact, Vitamin B-12 is critical in the synthesis of red blood cells as well as the repair and maintenance of cells that have been damaged. The fact that Vitamin B increases the metabolism in the body makes it to be recommended for athletes. Physical activity usually alters the need for vitamin B in many ways. During physical activity, the energy pathways are stressed hence the need for vitamin B in order to increase the pathways. Moreover, during training or physical activity, there are biochemical adaptations, which occur in the body that makes it necessary for more nutrients to be added into the body. According to Dunford and Doyle (2011), the other reason that underscores the need for vitamin B during exercise is the loss of macronutrient during strenuous exercise either in the form of sweat, feces, or urine. Moreover, Vitamin B is required in the body, especially for those involved in strenuous activity in order to maintain and repair the cells and lean tissue in active individuals or athletes. Besides its contribution to boosting energy as well as athletic performance, research points out to other critical benefits of Vitamin B on health. Vitamin B-12, in particular, is critical in reducing the risk of heart disease. Vitamin B-6 and Folic Acid are also essential preventive measures ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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