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Correlation of the light scattering properties of transparent conducting oxides to PV efficiency - Dissertation Example

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This research paper contains the results to the analysis of Samples 238 (Sno2: F) and 236 (Sno2: F). Also, it discusses the differences between Optical Scattering System (LED) for 238 and 236. Furthermore, it discusses such notions as haze reflection, transmission, and absorption…
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"Correlation of the light scattering properties of transparent conducting oxides to PV efficiency"

Download file to see previous pages As the results show that, there is a difference between the thicknesses of the two samples, the difference between thicknesses of the two samples is due to the passes, as 236 has 18 passes and 238 has 20 passes. The more the number of passes the more will be the thickness of the surface.

At 870 nm wavelength of light, the transmission remains at 79.7%, Hf (Io) is 2.5%, Hf (T) is 3.1%, Hr (Io) is 1.9%, Hr (Sp) is 40.5%, Is remains at 2.8% while absorption is 15.5%. As the wavelength decreases to 627 nm, the transmission increases to 80.3%, Hf (Io) increases to 4.6%, Hf (T) increases to 5.7%, Is increases to 9.2% while Hr (Io) decreases to 1.4%, Hr (Sp) decreases to 13.0% and absorption decreases to 9.2%.

As the wavelength decreases to 530 nm, the transmission decreases to 77.9%, Is decreases to 8.3% while Hf (Io) increases to 7.1%, Hf (T) increases to 9.1%, Hr (Io) increases to 2.1%, Hr (Sp) increases to 20.0% and absorption increases to 11.7%. As the wavelength decreases to 455 nm, the transmission decreases to 74.3%, Is decreases to 5.1% while Hf (Io) increases to 13.1%, Hf (T) increases to 17.6%, Hr (Io) increases to 4.2%, Hr (Sp) increases to 45.0% and absorption increases to 16.4%....
As the wavelength decreases to 455 nm, the transmission decreases to 74.3%, Hf (Io) increases to 17.8%, Hf (T) increases to 24.0%, Hr (Io) increases to 5.7%, Hr (Sp) increases to 59.0%, absorption increases to 16.1% while Is decreases to 4.0%. And for sample 238 Wavelength Transmission Hf (Io) Hf (T) Hr (Io) Hr (Sp) Is Abs 870 82.4% 2.0% 2.4% 1.5% 11.2% 11.5% 4.6% 627 81.1% 6.3% 7.8% 2.9% 28.6% 7.3% 8.7% 530 78.0% 10.2% 13.0% 3.4% 34.8% 6.4% 12.3% 455 74.3% 17.8% 24.0% 5.7% 59.0% 4.0% 16.1% B- Transmission as a function of wavelength: For sample 238, the transmission is directly proportion to the wavelength of the projected light. As the wavelength increases, the percentage transmission increases but a rapid increase in the percentage transmission can be seen by the projection of light from wavelength of 455nm to 627nm. But for the sample 236, the percentage transmission increases in response to the light projection having wavelength from 455nm to 627nm and from 627nm to 870nm, the percentage transmission decreases from 80.2% to 79.8%. The little decrease in the percentage transmission provides great characteristics to indentify the material. Figure show transmission with respect to wavelength for sample 238. Figure show transmission with respect to wavelength for sample 236. C- Summery The thickness of the thin film influences the percentage transmission. As the sample 238 has less thickness as compared to the sample 236. The efficiency in terms of percentage transmission for the sample 238 is more than the sample 236. With the help of optical scattering system, which utilizes different wavelengths of light to analyze the optical properties of the thin film, it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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