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The Impact of Organization Transparency - Literature review Example

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This literature review follows a systematic literature map on organizational transparency. Some of the issues looked at in the review include the impact of transparency on effective communication, the impact of transparency on performance, and the impact of transparency on whistleblowing…
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Organization Transparency"

Download file to see previous pages Communication is an important aspect of an organization because it contributes to the nurturing of organization culture and behavior. Griffin and Moorhead (2012), explains that “communication is the social process in which two parties exchange information and derive meaning” (p. 300). In the organization’s perspective, the general realization is that the definition takes even a more complex approach due to the nature and degree of the interpersonal relationships. Communication is usually characterized by three very important aspects. These aspects are: delivering the message, the nature of the message and the perception of the recipient. However, Griffin and Moorhead (2012) outline that for every one of the aspects to be effective transparency should be a key consideration for both the source and the recipient of the message.
A study documented by the Institute of Public Relations (2010) verified that democracy cannot thrive in an institution when there is lack of information. In the public sector lack of transparency has been a key issue affecting performance and determining the public relations of a company. However, it is very difficult for an organization to promise or even claim transparency when there is lack of effective communication.  Government sector institutions have realized that transparency does not only promote good public relations but improves the business success of an organization.  Communication and transparency go hand in hand as emphasized by most publications on management (Myers, 2010).  Indeed, transparency in communication requires that the information conveyed is transparent and that the recipient is also transparent and open in their perception.  These attributes ensure that there is a sincere exchange of information during communication. According to Hope (2011), when the employees are constantly exposed to an environment with little or lack of transparency, they will quickly lose confidence in the system and communication will be greatly affected. Hope provides an example of what happens in the American political arena.  Americans usually lose their trust in their presidents after being lied to many times. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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