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Philosophical Radicals - Essay Example

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This paper "Philosophical Radicals" discusses the political and social institutions that tend to set and provide the resources that people need in order for them to survive in a society where the resources are scarce or are controlled by a few, which creates room for radicals to take shape…
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Philosophical Radicals
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Extract of sample "Philosophical Radicals"

Download file to see previous pages The philosophical radical is the one that finds the root of a problem in society that society sees as normal then tries to find solutions for the same while in chemistry radical is a free atom or molecule.

Robert Jensen is viewed as a radical feminist because most of his work focuses on critiquing men’s violence against women and pornography meaning that he takes the opposite side when it comes to these issues. One of his greatest publications is the Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity that was published in 2007 where his argument is that being radical does not necessarily insinuate that a person is extreme when it comes to them presenting their ideas. For those that hold the view that “When the systems in which we live are in crisis, the most honest confrontations with those systems have to be radical” (Jensen 29)this seems like the only way that they can have their voices heard because society has neglected them are oppressed, or peaceful activism has failed.

In many societies, the political and social institutions tend to set and provide the resources that people need in order for them to survive in a society where the resources are scarce or are controlled by a few (Dompere xx). Some philosophical radicals engage in this activity because of the need to seek social justice that they feel might have been denied to the working people in society, which at times tends to be women. Radical philosophers are also for the idea that these political and social institutions are corrupt, tend to exploit, are politically secluded, and provide unequal access opportunities to resources to which they desire would be to push these institutions to provide these privileges equally (Guadalupe & Lum 82).

The denial of these privileges leads to poverty that may result from people being denied human rights that can help them to be financial able. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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