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Affirmative action - Assignment Example

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Affirmative action started out as a policy designed to address past discrimination against women, people based on their race and other minorities (Pojman 476). It deploys measures that aim at improving their educational and economic opportunities. Affirmative action requires…
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Affirmative action
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Download file to see previous pages Despite this argument, affirmative action has been met by many different views. This paper essay gives an insight on the works written by Pojman and Dworkin on their perception of Affirmative Action.
Pojman focused on the moral issue surrounding Affirmative action after the Supreme Court ruled some forms of reverse discrimination constitution (478). He both supports and rejects Affirmative action as he claims that it does carry some moral weight. Pojman examines seven arguments regarding Affirmative Action; first four negative and the next three positive while attempting to explain why Affirmative Action fails.
Pojman scorns the compensation argument terming it a distorted notion of compensation (478). He argues that the United States government was not directly involved in slavery and much of the harm done on blacks was as an outcome of private discrimination. Pojman argues that setting quotas in skilled positions and preferential treatments in higher learning institution for Blacks is not the solution since there is no clarity on whether all blacks were harmed in the same way, unjustly harmed, or harmed more than poor whites (478).
United States existence in the 17thand 18th century was deeply characterized with slavery and oppression of Blacks, Native Americans and other minority groups (Pojman 479). These groups of people had their land taken from them, provided unpaid labour, were subject to brutal punishments and were denied most of their fundamental rights was stated in the constitution. Pojman claims that the government was not directly involved, but the government gave this private sector the right of ownership over these people and did nothing when their constitutional rights were violated (480). Affirmative action merely offers a way to compensate the descendants for the offences done to their ancestors by neutralizing the competitive disadvantage that Africans Americans continue to suffer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Affirmative Action Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 1)
Affirmative Action Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 1.
“Affirmative Action Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 1”, n.d.
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Affirmative Action to improve racial diversity among students, and if they do not stipulate fixed minority quotas but take race into account as one factor among many (Dworkin, 79). Today, AA is more widely observed, but as employment prospects and educational placements become more competitive, more people are raising questions about the propriety and fairness of AA. In defense of affirmative action According to the study by Bowen & Bok (cited by Dworkin, 79), the success of racial integration is attributable to AA in education, because it has enabled a higher rate of graduation among African American students, which led to more African American leaders in industry, professionals, community leaders, and subsequently a...
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Affirmative Action

...and discrimination. There is a strong need to make such public organizations as the health care organizations, universities and the police increasingly representative of the needs of the respective populations that they cater for. Affirmative action has conventionally been subjected to a lot of debate and controversy. Policies implemented in the name of affirmative action including the gender quotas and the racial quotas for admission in the colleges in the USA have been identified as measures to promote reverse discrimination. Accordingly, the majority in the American constitution has rendered the implementation of these actions as unconstitutional....
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... of them have been barred from decision making opportunities and also positions in society and school (Vidu, 1999). Apart from women, affirmative action seeks to change the perception of persons in relation to racism, ethnicity and gender. According to Sander (2004), discrimination on racial grounds is not a new scene in the world. The mostly racially abused group is the African Americans. Some years back, it was difficult and almost impossible for a black person to have equal opportunities in education, employment or business. Puddington (1995) emphasizes that affirmative actions tend to eradicate these issues in all levels of the society. This paper will focus on some of the advantages of affirmative action. Additionally, it will also...
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Affirmative Action the hiring of employees and acceptance of students enrolling in a school. Some companies interpret affirmative action as a quota system (Lapenson, 2009). Companies must allot a certain percentage of the entire work force to minorities. In the same manner, schools should allocate a certain percentage of the total enrollment to minorities. Initially, affirmative action was crafted into law to eliminate racial discrimination against the African Americans. The companies are penalized for discriminating against the minority job applicants and minority student enrollees. Further, statistical data shows that affirmative action has changed...
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Affirmative action the Constitution of the United States, that every person is equal and has equal rights to choice and opportunity as enshrined in the First Amendment to the Constitution. Affirmative Action is expressed through the formulation of agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which ensures that all forms of discrimination at the workplace are avoided as far as possible. For example, one of the forms of discrimination that exists as the workplace, especially among police officers, is sexual discrimination and harrassment towards members of both sexes. The term harassment is a wide ranging one and is not restricted merely to the coercion into the sexual act. It includes any and all...
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Affirmative Action

...for supposedly less qualified minorities. Thirdly, some individuals from a minority background might feel as though it is condescending to imply that they need extra help in order to succeed. Whatever problems that might exist in the system, there is no arguing that racism still does exist, and that some means are needed to counter-act this inherent disparity. Affirmative action can be a positive social program, but the program is almost necessarily imperfect. It can be continued to be adjusted and tweaked, but until it is no longer needed, there will always be controversy surrounding the issue. To first address opponents of affirmative action, the main argument...
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..., precipitated to the creation of the Affirmative Action law. Many quarters, especially the minorities and the women, saw the law as a milestone in human rights history. The affected societal members saw the law as an imperfect but preferable tool to eradicate the current social disease called discrimination (Boit, 2012). Further, the term Affirmative Action centers on the legal provisions of the action. The provisions ensure that equal opportunity is given to people from all walks of life. The law focuses on granting better work opportunities, school opportunities, and other social opportunities within the United States environment. The law specifically states that discrimination occurs when the individuals are unfairly treated because...
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Affirmative Action it is a form of reverse discrimination and goes against the very same principles for which it fights, meaning that, since affirmative action was created to fight for the rights of the people whose rights were violated, it continues to run and be applied, as well as implemented in modern times. Based on modern information on affirmative action, the threshold of implementing and meeting the margin between discrimination and integration has been crossed meaning that there is more integration and people who were once discriminated against now have equal opportunities. Implementation of affirmative action in modern times, therefore, is an...
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...). Despite all the benefits of affirmative action its active use in the U.S has created a new form of discrimination referred to as reverse discrimination. Reverse discrimination can be defined as the unfair treatment of the members of a majority group as a result of preferential policies intended to reduce discrimination against minorities (Dictionary, 2013). I personally think that reverse discrimination is a fallacy. Change is an inevitable part of society and a higher participation rate among minorities will consequently reduce the labor participation of the majority group. We should always remember the past when true discrimination led to the unethical and inhuman treatment of an entire race through...
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... to be dependent upon sex uniformity, which is obvious in procuring and advancement thought and end of racial segregation. Concerning American reputation, the administration has guaranteed that racial victimization African-Americans and individuals of color are killed in vocation industry. In the occupation standard, the administration has set down techniques that guarantee no hindrance is made so any qualified individual is utilized. Governmental policy regarding minorities in society in the U.s is battling to guarantee that there is no segregation dependent upon either sex or race. The affirmative action regarding minorities in society calls for fairness in that each individual ought to be given equivalent chance dependent upon his...
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