Existentialism -- Reading Intrepretation of The Stranger by Albert Camus - Essay Example

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This suggests that man must comprehend the forces that define nature and individual aspirations of integration. In other words, there should be an amicable…
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Existentialism -- Reading Intrepretation of The Stranger by Albert Camus
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Extract of sample "Existentialism -- Reading Intrepretation of The Stranger by Albert Camus"

Instruction: Task: The Stranger Society is a complex structure that requires constant understanding for the peaceful existence of humanity (Camus 181). This suggests that man must comprehend the forces that define nature and individual aspirations of integration. In other words, there should be an amicable balance for nature and man to attain harmony.
According to the narrative by Albert Camus, I think Meursault is not guilty of murder. This is because he acts in self defense to defend his friend, Raymond. However, this does not mean he is not guilty of other crimes (Camus 184). For example, his decision to write a letter for Raymond’s girlfriend to achieve revenge is a crime that deserves punishment. Additionally, the idea not to have any form of remorse is also a strategy of committing other sins that are unwarranted. Therefore, I think Meursault did not intend to kill the Arab, but acted in self defense when his assailant flashed him a knife.
The peculiarity of Meursault’s personality and behavior especially in the first part of the book defines a man who is disturbed by society. In other words, the character suffers from personal issues such as lack of emotions and an inner hatred that cannot be understood by other members of society. This is manifested in his queer decision to mislead his friend, Raymond to take revenge on his girlfriend for infidelity. Additionally, the weird trait is also apparent in taking Marie for sexual purposes (Camus 186). Alternatively, this spreads to the decision to turn a chance of shifting his company because of his erratic behavior that is also uncontrollable. Therefore, this suggests that he understands the above relationships and decisions in a different sense that is against the expected societal expectations.
On that account, regarding authenticity in a Heideggerian sense, Meursault is not authentic. This is because he is a man who lacks both dynamic and flexibility characteristics. Similarly, the main character lacks the trait of tolerance with the other characters and society. This means there is an internal conflict that is not in tandem with the Heideggerian sense of authenticity. Additionally, the inability of Meursault to yearn for other possibilities in life such as integration is a clear indication of an inauthentic man in society.
As the book ends, there is a new vision for Meursault in the context of self discovery and realization of life. The protagonist is seen ranting at a chaplain who has come to pray for him before his execution at the guillotine for the murder of an Arab. In that context, in relation to the experience of Roquentin in Nausea by Satre when looking at the chestnut tree root at the park, there is a startling awakening. For example, both characters realize that the aspirations of man are different from those of the physical world (Camus 183). This means man has the freedom to define the life according to his own views and aspirations.
Therefore, it is essential for man to continue with the discovery of life to attain peace and happiness. This is through persistent questioning and examination of the factors that influence and impact on society (Camus 187).
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Camus, Albert. The Stranger. New York, NY: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2004. Print. Read More
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