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What is Socrates' argument against Crito in the argument of the same name Is it persuasive why or why not - Essay Example

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In the dialogue Crito written by Plato, an ancient Greek Philosopher, we get introduced to a back and forth conversation between Socrates and his rather affluent friend, Crito. The topic of discussion between Crito and Socrates revolved around justice, injustice and what they…
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What is Socrates argument against Crito in the argument of the same name Is it persuasive why or why not
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"What is Socrates' argument against Crito in the argument of the same name Is it persuasive why or why not"

Download file to see previous pages Crito gets to the prison where Socrates was serving time with a plan hatched to break Socrates out of prison. It is after learning about this that a debate ensues on the justification of Socrates escape (Anton 73)
In his argument, Socrates fronts that while the sentencing he received was wrong to begin with, it got reached through a legitimate process. In his thinking, Socrates was of the idea that the trial he got subjected to got done according to the law, he had the chance to defend himself against the allegations, and the verdict got passed by citizens. The matter at hand in this argument was whether content justice, which refers to getting the best result, overrules procedural justice that is following the laid down procedure, or vice versa (Anton 74).
Socrates states in his argument that we have to pick whether the law enabled social peace is more vital than an innocent man’s life. Socrates is of the idea that social peace, which gets enabled by the law, is superior to his innocence. In building his case, Socrates puts forward a paternalistic claim stating that since the laws enabled his dad to marry his mother, he considered the law as his parents. He also states that the laws ordered his parents to take him to school. As such, he is both a slave and offspring of law. Socrates feels that he owes the law similar unconditional obedience that slaves owe to their owners and children owe to their parents (Anton 75).
Socrates conclusion is that an injustice cannot be made right by another injustice. In this effect, the wrong conviction he had been given would not be made right by escaping prison. Socrates chooses to remain in the confines of his cell as a result of his unwavering belief and faith in Greek law, which he acknowledges awarded him the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life, and attain extensive knowledge (Anton 75). In his thinking, without ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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