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The author of the following paper under the title 'The Synthesis of Science Religion and Philosophy' is focused on Jeremy Bentham who developed the goal of the greatest good for the greatest number. The goal is today in another name called utilitarianism…
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The Synthesis of Science Religion and Philosophy
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This argument works through a halo effect, which is human cognitive bias. Today ad hominem exists as- Abusive, the guilt of association, ad feminam, tu quoque and circumstantial just like utilitarianism (Blavatsky 1977 pg.77).
One strategy of rebutting evidence is denying the truth in the data. This is the process where testimonies are presented to show or cast doubts in the sufficiency’s of given examples, this makes truth be denied in its own very eyes. Secondly, citing counterexamples and counter testimony also rebuts evidence, here contrary information is provided against the ones already there, and they appear to be true. Thirdly, the credibility of authority should be questioned; through the principle of charity, opposing views are summarized to invoke credibility. Lastly, casting doubt on the representativeness and sufficiency of examples; this is applied to incase examples are given since they may not be true hence should be interrogated well before accepting them (Blavatsky 1977 pg.197).
An example of a categorical evaluation of an argument is A good B or A is not a good B. an example of an ethical evaluation of an argument is A is right or A is wrong. These examples explain how judgments will be supported arguments as being bad, good, or important/unimportant (Blavatsky 1977 pg.241-243). Read More
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