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Global cultural exchange - Essay Example

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Rising on the ashes of the great Ancient civilization, the Middle Ages was a period of cultural determination lead by people in search of their identity. The great fallen Roman Empire, along with its accepted truths and order, was a consumed fact. Religions, states, social order…
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Global cultural exchange
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"Global cultural exchange"

Download file to see previous pages Even if the Early Middle Ages (approx. y. 500-800) were times of uncertainty, disorder, invasions and cosmic insecurityi, the period to come, years 800-1500, also known as the High and the Late Middle Ages, was a period of significant cultural development. Therefore, if in the Early Middle Ages we can talk about a sort of cultural indetermination, when people with different beliefs (barbarians, adepts of ancient religions, Christians, the newly emerged Muslims) were thrown in the same pot with no further instructions, then the High and Late Middle Ages bring out the cultural determination, the establishment of linguistic, religious and cultural boundaries and this is when we can observe explicit examples of cultural exchange. Still, I would like to clearly emphasize the fact that cultural interaction wasn’t a goal in itself during this time; it was more of an adjacent process to the phenomenon of medieval travel, which, at its turn, was a result of three major purposes: trade, diplomacy/conquest and missionary. Merchants that engaged in long-travel trade had two main routs available, which linked Europe, Asia and Africa: the silk-road, for luxurious goods and the sea-routes, for more common goods, such as stone, steel and building materials. Major trading cities and ports grew rapidly, becoming a meeting place for foreign merchants, traders, brokers, who ultimately exchanged knowledge, religious ideas, philosophical beliefs, stories, legends and other cultural elements. Missionaries wanted to spread their religious ideas on other territories, an ambition that also became a form of cultural exchange. Diplomatic missions and conquest ambitions appeared as a result of cultural and territorial delimitation, but also implied a cultural interaction between the conquerors and the natives. Thus, in this paper, I would like to analyze the cultural exchange between the Christian world and the Islamic world with an emphasis on the Levant area and the Iberian ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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